Monday, 29 September 2014

Get a move on Mundee

Wonka here.  First thing to do, is to show a few photees of where Owner went.  She climbed a massive hill called Clent hill and today reports her legs are aching.  RIGHT I goes.  She went to Worcester and along the river bank which she thinks may be the Severn but don't bet on it because her geography is shocking.  And, listen up, you know how I love a bird.  Well this was a SWAN SANCTUARY.  First photee:
There they are! all nestling up to the side of the riverbank.  Owner trotted along with her cousin, and next they went in the Cathedral:
There it is poking up behind those trees, and all the time the bells were ringing!  It used to be a Benedictine Monastery and has been there for over a thousand years reports Owner, who went down the crypt!  OOH I goes, I bet that was spooky.  Not with all the lights on, she says back.  And finally, here is a little stone dog who lays at the bottom of his mistress's feet for eternity.  I love it.

There he is!  or maybe a she.  Owner thinks if she ever got an effigy made which is highly unlikely as she will never be (list) 1.  famous enough 2.  Rich enough 3.  Married or shacked up with someone who misses her that much when she pops off to have a marble effigy cast with possibly me at the bottom.  We have ruled it all out.  But, we could be surprised.  We love it.
Get a move on para.  Blow me down if the hand of the employment god didn't reach down and tell Owner to get back out there!!  yes a phone call to summons Owner to a new school with bigger little people in it.  This spurred her into action as she was in danger of relaxing and taking things slowly.  She got changed at the last minute and I did say you need to plan in plenty of time Owner for what you are wearing as we all know you might not like it.  Did she listen up? Did she heck.  She dashed out at 1pm wearing what she had on in the first place to arrive at the new placement in time.  it is fair to say she did not swear at anyone, not that they could see, and was borderline speeding.  When she fell back in at four I did ask her how it went after she got all the soggy washing in off the line that had been bone dry up to the last twenty mins when it poured down.  THEY ALL PLAYED UP she reported to me sipping a builders tea.  AND I LOVED IT.
Final get a move on para.  Last night as you know was a mite fraught due to the dread internet which we are connected to until an internet imp gets a hold of it and starts shaking it up and messing about with it.  Then you lose your password your user name, your security user password name and anything else that connects YOU to the world wide web thing.  Bring back good and honest communications I moaned but she wasn't listening above beating out an email.  We did watch a little bit of the hex factor bootcamp thing and some of them got to sit down and this meant they go to JUDGES HOUSES.  blimey.  And then they get judged again and if they get chosen they get judged again.  it coud be called the JUDGE Factor I suggested up but Owner was too busy linking into Downton Abbey where they are all thieves and murderers (staff) having babies left right and centre (gentry) and having weekends away.  Now tonight we must catch up with Corrie and Enders as the last we knew evil Jim in the clink was going to 'let Peetah off', YES and in enders, Peggy who was in sunny spain or somewhere was ordering roxie or foxy to SORT IT.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x