Monday, 15 September 2014

Happi Birthdee Mundee

Wonka here.  yes it is that day come round again and first off there is a little birthdee cartoon to celebrate not just Owner's happi day but her good friend's too.
There we are!!  Owner shares this happi day with one of the fab four who she went off to Paris with.  There are cards and presents and the cake but guess what!  NO that is not it, Owner got up with a smile on her face and when she popped out to the luxury shed what did she see???  YES it was our best teddy bear Ruggles in his own nest!!  and that goes Owner IS THE BEST PRESENT!  it means dear folks out there thinking so what about Ruggles, that he has defied all modern inventions and got in and out of the cat flap!!  Did Tinkers lead the way?  perhaps.  We love it.
Happy Birthday para.  Hair?  gone right.  Weather?  overcast but does not matter.  What is to happen today?  good daughter is joining us soon and Owner is to collect at the station.  There are lots of nice things to eat and I have been told NOT TO JUMP ON THE TABLE Wonka!  ~As if!!  Plus the film.  it is Bad Neighbours and the blurb says 'funniest movie of the year'  We live in hope in this house.  and, I said to Owner, I hope that is not a premonition (we await the new neighbours still and have prayed solid on it, even the wishing well.  it wouldn't harm to throw another coin in though) but Owner didn't hear me above opening the cards.  I love it.
More happi day para.  Folks what a happy day has been had here. Owner reports a wish come true too.  Was it one dished out by the well I said.   YES she goes back.  No it is not a job although wait for it, one has been offered. Owner has dillied and dallied over whether to go for it.  Because?  I goes in that new and annoying way - perhaps even more annoying than saying 'AND??  Because it is a 'daily' job says she.  I mean I thought all jobs were daily but what does a poor cat like me know??  Just everything that is what.  presents?  oh yes, she has books and ornaments and boxes with Owls on and bags with more Owls on (I do love those Owls) and a jacket to follow.  And a painting of a cat called George painted by a boy called George.  This could be Owner's fave pressie.  The book may feature in our Sundee slot and I warn you it is a tearjerker without even opening the cover up.  yes it is about an animal.  yes it is a dog.  yes it is dog who helped humans.  Enough said.  She loves it.
Final Birfdee para.  Owner says this has been such a happy day and even her stars via good radio 2 sounded positive.  They were on about connections and Venus and such.  OH I says back.  No one has hardly mentioned the Scottish referendum and we are not going to either.  last night we made it through the Hex Factor Arena auditions and there were two chaps we fell in love with.  One of them can sing and he is Andrea from Rome (yes that is Owner's next holidee destination for sure) and one of them made us laugh he was called Stevi).  another chap with a name like a bird (that's why I recall him) made all cry.  but not us.  tonight we have a double helping of Corrie and more twists and turns in the Tyrone saga.  Will Kylie tell the truth about the tablets though.  To her no good partner David?  we think not.  No owner is not painting the town red or any other colour, she is saving herself for Fridee.  Blimey I goes, you're never going off out again.  I AM TOO she said back.  I love it.  One small update on the film good folks out there all wondering whether to watch Bad Neighbours or not.  make it a NOT.  Owner says to daughter and I quote, is it me or is this film simply not funny.  We have got one tucked up our sleeve and it is Machine Gun preacher.  The blurb?  says it is SUPERB.  please let it be right.  Now do steady out there in the Wold good folks especially if you are sharing our Birfdee (many happies Prince Harry!!!)  Big Love Wonka x