Thursday, 25 September 2014

In tune Thursdee

Wonka here.  At last a dream.  I DREAMT she mumbles up this morning, I WAS in this house, my house, which for once she reports up, was fairly normal.  MEANING?  I questioned up, being now wide awake and starving for my breakfast.  I even staved off biting Owner's foot while she was rambling on.  THEN, she says, I was late and moving at a snail's pace.  DID YOU make it, I wondered.  JUST.  And then while she was getting changed and wearing the wrong clothes and having to get changed again she noticed it.  WHAT I said, a tad impatient but I got away with it.  All these floorboards were up and there was like another house down below.  BLIMEY, as if we haven't enough on with this one!!  I love it.

Fresh and harmonious para.  Somehow between falling asleep and waking up, Owner's mood has gone all mild and mellow.  I hardly had time to say it is nearly your weekend away day when she put on a washing and even though it didn't start first off and needed careful prodding on that pesky switch, she still wasn't annoyed!!  Praise be I goes up.  LA LA LA she goes, singing away to the radio, I tell you good folk out there all enjoying calm and gentle lives, it is quite unnerving.  Now more good news on the catflap front.  After much debating and mulling it round til I thought I would go funny Owner made the giant decision to remove the pink plastic peg from the catflap door!!  This means she was on tenterhooks (like it) to see if both Ruggles and Tinkers could figure it out.  YES saints be praised and everything.  There he was this morning, our teddy bear Ruggles looking all surprised to see the shed door swinging open as he thought it could only be entered by the hole in the door now.  We love him.

Fresh and fully tuned up para.  For our good cartoon there is a little glimpse of why Owner stayed up til the ungodlyhour of 10 pm last night.
There is the reason why!!  it is that Extra Slice prog, where Jo Brand who Owner did draw but then her face went wrong so she had to miss her off altogether (sorry Jo Brand!!)  And there in the middle sandwiched between a hairy biker and a comedian we have never heard of who worked his sox off being funny, was our Marian Keyes.  She was a picture in purple.   Would we stay up again?  Owner says not, as it was simply not punchy enough.  Hmm.  We love it.
Final harmonious para.   All day long Owner has been 'preparing'.  Are we all sorted I asked up eventually, having just woken up from a giant zzzzzz.  The car with no name is petrolled up and I have lots of sweets for the journey she says.  The ROUTE PLANNER has been re looked at and will go in said car tomorrow.  If I do it tonight, she says, people will think it is funny.  I don't see anyone laughing round here, or stopping long enough in the motorway stroke street to laugh at anything but no matter.  Now Owner is actually watching a film.  NO it is not Frozen (I am hopeful) it is a violent film with a baddie turned goodie we think.  With a title of 'Machine Gun Preacher' I dare say the story is laid bare already (very clever, pleased with myself for that one).  Now if we have time we must watch Enders as Shazzer is ready to get hitched to Fil and it is bound to end in trouble.  Other than that we must continue staying calm and nice to each other (except for Bertie although I do try.)I shall pop on a small report tomorrow folks but we shall have a little break until Sundee.  If like me you are looking forward to a peaceful time of it whilst your Owners are off having fun, then go all out! But, do go steady folks out there in the Wold, wherever you are in it. big Love Wonka x