Monday, 1 September 2014

Mog Mundee

Wonka here.  Terrible night we had well alright it was just Owner then.  When will she learn you all chirp up?  I know I keep on with the good sleep tips. (list) 1.  don't read a horror story before turning off the light and then imagining things under the bed by the bed or,.... no I won't say anymore. 2.  if you wake up and stay waked up, don't go over every single worrywart item of which there are many (if you are Owner).  3.  Someone will tell me off for starting every bit of advice with DON'T.  DON'T keep on said Owner who finally dropped off after toss turn toss turn toss turn til me and Bertie nearly ran down to make a cup of tea!  We love it and we are fresh as two daisies this good Mundee morn.  Happy first of September good folks out there!

Fresh as a daisy and Mog para.  Who the heck you all gasp up is Mog?  if you have not heard of Mog, who is a cat, as described in the Mog books by Judith Kerr your whole life has been nothing up to now.  Owner first heard of Mog when her daughter was small and loved having stories.  And when you are reading stories says Owner, you need to love them too.  Why?  you all shout up do we need to learn of Mog today?  I blame it all on lack of sleep but Owner has fallen back in from a routine trip to town (there is no such thing with Owner at the helm and the credit card to help out it practically throws itself into the little machine now.) with a few non essentials and toy Mog is one of them.  Can we see it you all implore?  For now we have a photoshoot of Mog from an exhibition Owner went to in 2011.  She went all the way down to London and the good Victoria and Albert children's museum to see it as she loves Judith so much.  She also wrote the Tiger who came to tea.  Yes the Tiger was also in the bookshop but Owner managed not to.
There is the family avec Mog!  It was a fab exhibition all about Judith and it turns out that Mog was a real cat too.  Can we blame Owner for this purchase??  Who is it for you all wonder up, this toy Mog?  it is a gift for the pending (like this word) birfdee of Daughter.  We are never, too old for a toy.  We love it.
More Mog para.  For now Mog is nestling in a carrier alongside a book.  OH NO another purchase.  yes and it is about a Witch's cat called gobbolino.  We will probably feature this in Owner's next bookslot.  And the third non essential purchase is a book on order.  it is a grown up book called #Creativity by #PhillipePetit.  Who is that I said (never mind you folks)?  Owner reports it is the Man on the Wire man.  he is a trapeze artist amongst other things she says.  I mean how arty is that good folks out there who find it hard to walk a straight line never mind a bit of wire suspended thousands of feet up in the air.  I love him.
Nearly done with Mog para.  After purchasing Mog, the book and ordering the other book Owner went on to make one more fatal purchase.  I MEANT TO TAKE THEM BACK she goes, on about a pair of jeans she looked silly in but only went and exchanged them.  NO the new ones are not an improvement and I did say this from well under the bed but she didn't hear me above stuffing them back in the bag and saying I LOOK FAT IN THESE Wonka.  I love it.
Final we love Mog para.  Has today been a good day?  Me?  thanks for asking, every day is a heavenly day for me, definitely for Bertie Bubbles and Rug is doing pretty well too.  but Owner......she was on fair to middling setting UNTIL.  noise of sharks approaching Klaxon.  UNTIL it is time to visit aged parent in the new home.  There is bound to be a settling period I whispered up from my new dark corner by the settee, meaning for aged parent of course...not Owner.    I'VE PUT MY FOOT IN IT WITH THE STAFF she moaned up, and upset Mother.  it turns out that Owner as per, was simply doing something she accuses aged parent of doing (staring) but doing it with a non family member.  IT'LL BE RIGHT I soothed (like it) again I have not moved out of the dark corner as yet good folks.  To top it all aged parent is demanding a telly even though she does not watch it!  I think that's when I went funny goes Owner.  When she comes round and breaks the spell cast by the visit, we shall be watching Corrie X 2 and possib Enders.  Corrie is bound to settle Owner's nerves and Enders may even tie a knot in them!  who knows!  Last night we cuddled up to the Hex Factor and cannot fault the new judges.  We love them.  Cheryl was on about not judging books by their covers, and Simon was liking everyone!  There was a strange chap from Colchester in Essex who bewitched all of them, and another flown in from Rome no less, called Andrea.  It is all to play for we reckon and we love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x