Monday, 22 September 2014

Mostly Mundee

Wonka here.  Now we are fast approaching Owner's weekend break and I have had to put up with a lot of information like EXITS and JUNCTIONS and how many roundabouts?  It looks pretty straightforward she goes to me.  I tell you folks out there even I could follow her instructions!  They are to be sellotaped to the side of the wheel where she can glance at them and it is all highlighted and wotnot.  SATNAV? I hear you all shout up from your delux cars!  We don't bother with modern stuff here, we have to consult maps, because Owner loves maps and then lists.  Yes this does mean Owner could easily miss an exit or get stuck going round and round a roundabout.  We love it.

Mostly para.  Because today has been a nearly alright day and Owner said MOSTLY Wonka, it has been OK.  For our early cartoon we have one of Owner planning said journey.
There it is!  the car with no name preparing itself for the journey ahead which is approx half of the Journey it went on to Tavistock and beyond.  Due to lots of looking at maps and suggested steps Owner is setting out on a different route.  OH I says, will it be a better one?  IT CANNOT BE WORSE she says, than going through a million roundabouts in Birmingham.  Right I says back.  I love it.
Mostly OK para.  the day wore on.  Owner said her hair was 'mostly alright' and what she was wearing 'mostly suited her'.  She supposed she had better go out to the shops and I saw her off mid morning.  I only chased Bertie Bubb a couple of times and he was 'mostly' OK about that.  On her return with at least 6 or 7 bags I noted 1.  she seemed in a mostly alright mood setting which I passed on to Bertie in case he wanted to come out of hiding.  he didn't. 2.  We will not run out of my fave pouches whilst she is off gallivanting. 3. There were two sacks of concrete aka cat litter so we won't run low on that either and 4.  she had treated herself to some new perfume courtesy of aged parent.  She said what did I want for my Birfdee and I said perfume is always good.  Owner says she only bought it because the young man (barely out of school) behind the counter said was I interested in it?  I said NO THANKS until I saw the name of it Wonka.  Which was? I prompted nicely up.... It was called GHOST.  OOer I went back.  According to Owner she liked the name first, the scent second and has never heard of who makes it in her life.  I feel like a ghost at the moment she says.  Invisible to the Wold.  How poetic of you I goes, before telling her that I was starving and Tinkers was outside on the steps all tucked up on the top, in the sunnyshine.  Has she adopted us?  not far off it.  We love it.
Final mostly alright para.  I have kept my chin up folks despite the vibrations coming over me from Owner who is still 'mostly' on this side of being ok.  Sufficient to the day I whispered up from behind the mountain of catfood but she didn't hear me above trotting out to water the tomato triffid which is still producing tomatoes for us!  Last night we loved the final arena auditions as some beaut singers sang their little hearts out.  And then folks it was Downton Abbey!  There was romance, there was a fire and there was a thwarted blackmail situation!!  With all that drama I don't know how we all settled but we did.  Tonight is our usual fare of Corrie X 2 and an early night.  If I need to witness mild hysteria I can always suggest that Owner watches Enders for 10 minutes and tries to link into all the murderers and head scarfs.  The car with no name is to go to the garage in the morning for its pre MOT.  I am bracing myself for Owner's nerves on this and can predict an MOT Tuesdee for you in do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x