Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Now what Tuesdee

Wonka here.  that's right we are having an OH WHAT NOW day here.  I didn't help by having a mini scrap with Bertie deep in the night but how was I to know he wasn't a monster sitting there in the dark?? You cannot be too careful these days, and I have warned Owner against flinging open the front door without checking first.  I jump up to the side bay window and give these monsters pretending to be ordinary people a good hard stare.  There is a lot to be said for it.  I AM TRYING says Owner who is having a bluesday.  No we do not love it.
There she is!  to the left is all the happy go lucky birfdees and holidees and such like and there is Bertie Bub hiding behind her legs with me up front and looking gorgeous and to the right is the UNKNOWN factor.  all these golden possibilities just laying around waiting for Owner to spot them!  We love it.
Fresh bluesday para.  What next you all shout up wanting a solution.  Owner scuffled round doing a little bit of this and that and looking miserable.  I FEEL LIKE THE WEATHER she mumbled which alright is grey and misty and pretty bleuuuughh but this is no excuse and I have told her to look at the positives!! (list) 1.She looks alright.  Better than alright. 2. she could ring the agency up about that job she has turned her nose up at. 3. tomorrow might be alright. 4.  today could still pick its sorry self up and be alright.  I AM GOING OUT she said, TO BE ALRIGHT OUTSIDE.  yes I am thinking about the poor little credit card tucked away but she may be sensible.  I said may.  I love it.
Next sorry old para.  a million of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz later back she comes.  YES there was a bag with some jeans in it.  YES they fit this time and YES she cannot afford them.  but listen to this, Owner has moved ever so slightly towards that happy setting. Howcomes you all wonder up??  another holidee is planned and after that one she is on about a Christmas break.  Me?  thanks for enquiring (new expression which I like)...I expect I'll manage with all our Aunties coming to stay and wotnot.  Bertie is none the wiser and Ruggles will stay a la luxury shed on his heated pad with a dish full of delicacies.  What, is not to love and like?  but in the meantime if I can make Owner feel a teensy bit guilty about leaving me..........  I love it.
Final nearly over bluesday para.  More news.  Owner has confronted her lack of employment and rung the other second best agency up to let them know she is here and (sort of) willing to work.   Between that, the first best agency, the two job applications rattling round the internet then surely Owner's something will turn up??  until then we must watch telly.  Last night Owner was still on her birfdee setting and too excited to watch anything.  We caught glimpses of Corrie and Steve in prison with his Dad who is as canny as canny can be. Peetah brought back from the brink of alcoholic death is also still in the clink and has promised his cell mate to stay strong and sober.  yes.  other news is that Kylie is still chucking back Max's tablets though we haven't noticed she is any calmer, and Madeh and thingy are rescuing the dog for Simon.  No wonder we were not glued to it.  We tried Enders for 2 minutes until Staycee came into it.  The end.  Now tonight seeing as Owner needs cheering we have Holbee City and all dying or living or stabbing another doctor in the back.  That should do it for us nicely.  Tomorrow I shall have more to say on Owner's driving capabilities (Birmingham) and less to say about the Scottish referendum.  Rug has been for his teatime thankyou and continues to navigate (OOH) the catflap and we love him.  I even had a quick game of paw under the dining room door with him.  Now do go steady good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x