Saturday, 20 September 2014

Surprising Satdee

Wonka here.  A very late start and guess who was waiting outside on the steps??  YES it was Tinkers.  so this is the first surprise of the day good folks.  ou est Ruggles you all want to know and so does Owner.  has he got a new hidey hole now that the luxury shed has gone luxury??  THAT SUMS UP MY LIFE she moans up.  Like?  I said doing that annoying prompting thing to her.  The minute I get everything just so it all changes!!  We love it.

Fresh surprising para.  Yesterdee, (there is a song there and I am not going to sing it.  alright then 'all my troubles seemed so far awaaaaaay!') yesterdee folks, the postie did not deliver a package through the door.  On the little note that was pushed through the snappy old letterbox, it said NOT ENOUGH POSTAGE.  Oh says Owner.  What is it I goes, and who sent it?  This folks is another surprise in waiting.  The last time, Owner confides (Like it) in me, there was not enough postage on and I had to drive miles to the delivery office in the middle of nowhere zzzzzzzzzzzz OH sorry I am listening!!  yes she goes, I pays the money and it was a packet of lightbulbs.  I mean even I can see how disappointing this it.   As soon as she is ready and it really is taking hours this good morn, she will fling off and start the rounds of the day and the post office is first up.  I love it.

Fresh how many surprises para.  here is another contender for the surprise of the day slot as I am now calling it.  As Owner was trudging to the luxury shed to feed Tinkers in it and moaning about the drear and drizzle mizzle day she looks down and spies one single bloom, peeping out from the triffid tomato plant!!
There it is!! a single Poppy.  Owner planted about a million seeds and guess what?  no that is not it.  The snails, that is what guess what, slid along and munched away so this surviving poppy has made it through!!  what are the odds I wonder..... we love it and it may win our surprise of the day contest.  we shall see!
Worn out with surprises para.  Well?? I goes to Owner when she stumbles back in.  it was a birfdee card which should have had a BIG LETTER STAMP on it.  Bring back the old days good folks, when it was either a first or second class to pick from.  Owner says that now they have a pretend post box to see if your letter will fit through it.  Does our postman know I ventured up?  has he heard of this thing.  When he puts out post through the letterbox it sounds like the invasion of pesky Vikings I have been dreading.  SO I HAD TO PAY FOR MY OWN CARD continued Owner.  I tried hard to be sympathetic because I was starving and even Bertie came out of hiding.  Good visit I prompted up?  Aged parent told me my hair was sticking up she reports.  Good folks it is sticking up, even I know that, but would I point it out?  Not on your nelly!!  Good swim? this other swimmer got on my nerves she replied.  you understand I ended the questions there and lined up for my tea time.  I love it.
Final surprising para.  Last night Owner popped out to her group so we missed good Corrie - not to fear as we can catch up with this before tonight's offering of entertainment.  yes it is the Hex Factor so we can get ready for tears (from Cheryl our new fave judge) something he calls honesty from Simon Ghoul I mean Cowell and the other two might have their tuppence worth.  It is the arena auditions and they are singing their hearts out!  those that can sing.   Casualtee is missing doc Zoe who as you know has turned up on Strictly (nxt Weekend!!) so the back stabbing Connie is missing a back.  What you all wonder won top prize for being surprising.  Owner losing it at the baths NOT surprising.  Having to buy her own card NOT overly surprising.  So the poppy does win the day.  Ruggles is yet to put in an appearance and Owner thinks it will tally with 1.  her tea time 2.  whatever she is glued to on the telly.  I love it me.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x