Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Tinkers Wednesdee

Wonka here.  yes it is a case of WHO'S BEEN SLEEPING IN RUGGLESES BED!!!  and it is that pesky Tinkerbelle aka Tinkers.
There she is!!  Like a little scrappy tea cosy tucked up in Ruggleses top nest. I ask you!  this is the second time it has happened and has overtaken the dilemma of the cat flap.  Now we have the dilemma of what to do about beds in sheds.  It has even taken precedence (blimey) over Owner's hair and that folks is saying something.  I have been sending a little prayer up to the god of Hairdressing for a good distraction and here it is!!  So far, and to go some way towards solving this new problem Owner has ordered a new heated pet pad.  Yes.  if only all probs were solved like this,  I love it.
new tinkers para.  Did I mention the hair dressing oh yes.....because this is now a problem solved (in waiting  - the nice new hairdresser lands tomorrow folks) Owner's hair went right.  She has compared this to (list) 1.  visits to the doctor.  as soon as you are there most of the symptoms leave you, with just the thought of, I am a lot fitter than everyone else in this room.  2.  visits to the dentist (there I have said it,  again.) as soon as you get in there it seems a small insignificant thing that missing filling, that strange chip you can feel with your tongue. 3.  Not though when you take your car to the garage.  NO.  Owner reckons the law works in reverse and there is always a BIGGER problem than you thought (hoped) it would be.  Today, Owner went mad and actually did something she had been talking of and booked the car with no name in for a PRE MOT Wonka plus service.  She reports that she faithfully relayed the details over to the man behind the computer screen who only wanted to question her twice.  ONCE ABOUT THE DATE OF THE PRE MOT, and the other? I whispered up from behind the door.  ABOUT THE SIZE OF THE ENGINE she says.  I mean how was Owner to instantly know this??  It seems after she told him and I quote:  we are not going to argue about it, that the car got booked in nicely.  I love it.
Final tinky winky para.  Owner fell back in to report all of this plus had been on her rounds.  any job seeking I ventured, whilst you were out and about?  But she didn't hear me above making phone calls to do with aged parent and wheelchairs.  it seems there is a long waiting list to obtain the right one.  Even aged parent told Owner she might be dead by the time it rolled up.  I'M RINGING THEM BACK says Owner.  By my reckoning then, the wheelchair prob will be sorted soon good folks out there all wondering how aged parent is to get about.  HONESTLY goes Owner moving onto another phone call to the bank.  yes I did nip upstairs for that one!!  we haven't got any money or a job but remember Owner's motto is SOMETHING WILL TURN UP!!  Now tonight we must watch good Corrie with all the twists and turns of the nice new family that is growing fast and Owner cannot under pressure recall their names except that the son is going out with Leeanne but the newly arrived bruv doesn't like it.  But the daughter of the son does.  Yes.  then we may watch the bad bake off if there is nothing else to capture our short attention span.  Good Ruggles is due soon and naughty Tinkers is now out of the nest.  You cannot blame them I says to Owner, for not noticing all the trouble you have gone to in the luxury shed but she didn't hear me above popping outside with a bowl of biscuits to put in the luxury shed.  Now do go steady yourselves folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x