Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Trundle it Tuesdee

Wonka here.  slept alright got up alright and no funny dreams that Owner can remember.  big news of the day is (list) 1.  Owner killed the resident fly with one of those antiseptic antibacterial lemon smelling a mile off wipes.  Then threw it all outside.  How did she locate the fly in the first place?  Me to thank of course.  It had been flying round in its silly old lazy old tiny old way, just flapping off when either me or Owner approached it.  Me with just my paw, and Owner with a rolled up paper big enough to knock Goliath out if he dared to knock at the front door.  Then, just as Owner was in danger of relaxing, she spots me giving an invisible thing, a hard stare.  It was THE FLY I was staring at and luckily Owner's brain kicked into gear, hence (big crescendo of music DAH DE DAH DAH DAHHHHHHHHHHHH.......Death of the fly.  I love it.

Trundle through a bit more Para.  yes that was one of the highlights of the day but there is more.  2.  Owner has been moaning about her hair ever since she let that poor girl at it.  I cannot say cut it,  I could say chopped it here and there and ignored most of Owner's instructions.  This only happens to Owner in the hairdressers.  Everywhere else, mainly, she is assertive.  But not there.  this is where Owner lies through her teeth (sorry dentist, oh no I forgot she dumped you and now we are in search of another) and says OH YES, and THAT LOOKS BETTER when really she means What the heck have you done with my hair!  I could hear her getting fretful and working up to something and this is what happened next!  CLIFFHANGER!!!!

Trundle through even more para    The next thing Owner is searching for a mobile hairdresser.  Did she find one?  Dear folk out there all enjoying beauty hairdos, of course she found one!!!!  and he, yes he (because men are better at doing hair she reckons) is to come and talk it through on Thursdee!!  I am on alert till then folks and have my hidey hole ready.  I love it.

A trundle on down para.  now yesterdee which seems a million aons ago we all had a bit of good news jostling along with all the rest of it.  We are fed up now with the yes, no and how's your father vote in Sconny Botland (sorry Scotland) and Owner has declared us a NEUTRAL ZONE.  with the Scottish thingy I said (referendum it is called in real life) with everything! Owner did reply.  anyways our good cartoon is that bit of good news raising it's positive and lively head!
There we are listening up to Radio 2 news!!  a little bruv or sis for that Prince George.  We love it.
Final trundle on down para.  Last night we made it through with no Corrie.  we managed with an hour of an antique celebrity thing and then Owner did this and that whilst me and Bertie got some well earned rest.  When Owner is on fretful and het up setting, there is no resting up.  I'M LEAVING THE SHED DOOR PUSHED TO, she shouts up as you know we have been perched on a knife edge wondering up what will she do.  I mean good Ruggles is oblivious (good choice of word) to all of this and possibly thinks Owner has gone funny.  Well I know she has!  Joking Owner!  Tinkers isn't helping either by NOT knowing how to use a catflap.  This is the 21st century goes Owner, not the 18th.  Tonight we will batten down for Holbee City and all their shenanigans.  Today has trundled on by and we have high hopes for tomorrow.  There is a birthday tomorrow goes Owner.  Oh yes I said.  it is Marian Keyes who Owner does like a lot.  And on Mundee it is yours I says.  My hair had better go right for it says Owner.  No pressure on the new hairdresser then!!  we love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are trundling in it.  Big Love Wonka x