Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Typical Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Up we all got and only one snooze too.  zzzzzzzzzzz OH It's take the car to the garage day goes Owner. That means zilch to Bertie bubb unless there is food in the sentence he just won't listen up.  If Owner had said It's take the SHEBA car to the garage, his little batwing ears would have stood on end.  Me?  I have to listen to whatever Owner is droning (sorry Owner!) on about as I need to report on it, advise on, hide from it or zzzzzzzzzzz on it.  I love it.

Fresh and typical as you like para. yes Tuesdees tend to be a tad nicer than a Mundee as it is now into the good week.  Owner did seem a bit more focussed and there is nothing like a good look at the accounts and our dwindling finances to bring everything into sharp focus!!!   That and the fact that we are now in Autumn folks.  yesterdee was full of sunshine and hope whilst today is colder and bleaker.  Ruggles was snuggled on down in his nest and Owner reports he shot into the luxury shed last night as fast as you like.  HE WENT A BIT GROWLEE she said to me as I was settling down in my amazon box.  Did he scratch your leg?  I bothered to ask in between bedding down.  NO she goes back.  I see that as a positive I don't know about you good folks out there all enjoying nice calm pets and such like.  We love it.

For today's typical and good cartoon we have Tinkers relaxing and loving Owner's steps out back.
There she is!  peeking round the top of Owner's best steps out back.  she is certainly a little Tinkerbelle.  of course We love her!!  and amazingly so does Ruggles. x
Further typical tales para.  Now we get down to the serious stuff of the day.  WE WILL RING YOU goes the mechanic called Craig (we do like that name.  and we still do....) to advise if the car needs any work doing.  When asked if she thought the car had any problems (not tissues as we have renamed issues as we don't like that word anymore) she came up with the Exhaust.  I mean I thought she was talking about herself there, but she was referring to the car with no name.  maybe I goes, it is catching!  But she didn't hear me above taking said phone call later on from Craig.  It passed the MOT (good news and this was after he replaced something Owner has never heard of) but unless you have these jobs done we would not advise driving it.........OH YES, goes Owner, making those faces that say CAN MY LIFE TURN THAT CORNER NOW....and it needs bvgbfmslh,, doing and the back hbksyelo (sounded like) and the Exhaust (Owner was right!!) lhujishs needs replacing.  it will need two new ldyhjdogg's and finally we advise having the fuel slfygksog.  OH YES says Owner with her head on the table.  and these were just the urgent jobs that could be done now.  There are other jobs that can be done next year if we are all still on this earth and driving.  Craig finally stopped advising on jobs that were mostly foreign sounding to Owner and came out with something she did understand.  And it will cost £******  .  the credit card practically jumped out of Owner's purse onto the table and snuggled up to the phone as she said ALRIGHT then.  Me?  in the nice dark corner at the side of the new bed settee.  Owner is to collect it later if Craig can get the part for the ifgbtdjst today.  it is a case of laugh or cry I said to her from the safety of the dark corner but she didn't hear me above making a good strong cuppa.  We love it.
Final what the heck and typical para.  Owner is not one to stay head in hands for long and the next minute had sorted out some £s from a long lost pension pot.  Will it save the day?  I hate to say it folks but me and Bertie are fine, Rug and Tinkers are doing alright so Owner needn't worry over us.  And she likes toast, she eats it all the time.  now last night we did watch Enders.  WHY? you all gasp up did you do that.  Staycee only made a couple of brief albeit (love that word I could scratch it to death) very annoying appearances as did Alfee and CAT - she turned up in ospital (they say it without the H) wrapped up like a mummy.  anyway the plot seems to be turning on Fil and Shazzer with Shirlee popping round and opening her raincoat to Fil which had him smiling but then he is whipped off to the garage by the boy with a bird's name Jay and guess who is standing there?  NO that is not it, It was Ben!! and not the old Ben or the Ben before that but a new Ben!!  And we knew it was him because he says hallo Dad to Fil, and he is still wearing glasses.  After that excitement, Corrie seemed quite tame.  Peetah is standing up or falling down to, nasty king of crime Jimeh, but Ken and Deidre are on the case.  Michael has got Gail wrapped round his little finger she is in lerve, and Roy has had a birfdee.  Tonight we must get on with more Enders now new Ben is in it, and then Holbee.  Owner is in full holidee mode now and the bag is being packed.  My Aunty is coming through and I am preparing for being spoilt spoilt and spoilt some more.  I love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it and specially if your car is being MOTd.  Big Love Wonka x