Friday, 24 October 2014

Bizniz like Fridee

Wonka here.  UP AT 6AM!!! and Owner still left the house late! What was she doing you all gasp up in amazement.  after all, with 2 hours to play with.........  I dare say the feeding frenzy takes a bit of the time, followed by the washing round frenzy, followed by the shed frenzy and then Owner can have a small window (Owner says this is a daft expression but I like it. I like windows.) in which to do things for herself in.  Like breakfast TICK.  This should be a hearty meal fit for a King goes Owner.  I hardly think yoghurt with honey in it, a dash of fruit cocktail and uno Weetabix meets that criteria Owner I challenged but she was busy changing outfits by then and didn't hear me.  I love it.

Full of bizniz para.  Today has been all about getting on with it and if Lord Sugah our fave entrepreneur could see Owner doing this doing that and bringing in lots of supplies (thank you employment god) he would say to Owner YOU'RE HIRED!!! and we have a small cartoon all about that dear show, le Apprentice!!
Here we are!!  there is Lord Sugah flanked by his front are all the hopeful people scrambling to get top banana prize of being a partner in the bizniz.  Like I say, if Owner was there she would soon knock them into shape and rise to the TOP.  she is my top banana and I love her.
More to the bizniz para.  Today went by in a very organised fashion says Owner, who fell back in having bought more food for us lot TICK more litter for the luxury tray (Bertie bubb) TICK and a little bit of food for herself. TICK.  although to continue her saying which is to eat lunch like a Lord or something very like it and supper like a mouse.  i am sure I says to Owner you are misquoting but I love it.  AND, big TICK because I could not for the life of me spy any non essentials....!!  Owner reports a good and positive day and she enjoyed it.  STEADY I goes, you might end up liking this giant complex stroke school.  ~At the minute she is upbeat and looking forward to half term like the rest of the nation.  SIGH.  she is now shopping at a different supermarket and getting her petrol there too,.  This is because (List) she has gone off the others, 2.  She wants one sided petrol receipts (expenses.  don't ask) 3.  she can be anonymous.  I love it.
Final bizniz like para.  As it is fridee night we are slightly giddy folks.  Giddy with the knowledge we need not rise up at 6 am in the dark.  No it is not cold thanks to Owner's heating system.  We are watching IT TAKES TWO and our beloved simon has been on and is tres serious, and there is Anton and Judee who have the giggles.  In a minute there will be the panel of celebs who come on and say what they think.  Yes.  and Marian Keyes is one of them in a pink sparkly dress.  later on we will be glued to Corrie x 2 before Owner falls off the side of it and wants to call it a night.  good Ruggles has been in and out and in and out and may come in again.  Tinkers has taken up residency in the luxory shed and may never leave us.  IT IS BUT A SHORT STEP I droned to owner but she wasn't listening.  Where are those listening skills???  Put to bed for now je pense and as I like to say, it is de rien!!!  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks as we approach le weekend!!  Big Love Wonka x