Sunday, 19 October 2014

Blustery Sundee

Wonka here.  How is Owner you all immediately want to know and I'll tell you.  It said it felt VERY HOT when it got up just before 6 and went back to bed.  Me?  starving for my breakfast and ready to do the dab at Owner's mouth with a claw.  Luckily she made a giant effort and roused herself saying things like I FEEL AWFUL and OH'd think she's been struck down by that new and strange epidemic thingy that all are concerned about BUT NO it is just a common every day cold germ.  And of course I said to GET A GRIP the second after I had received my breakfast and she couldn't hear me through the closed dining room door.  I ask you,.  but I love it.

Blustery and blowy para.  so the day has trickled by with interruptions so Owner can take tablets and drink more tea.  and eat more.  and take more vit C.  and if I hear that saying one more time I shall get in the Narnia cupboard with Bertie (feed a cold starve a fever).  it is even now whirling round my brain like a little dervish.  She did say we are going to have a nice relaxing day Wonka but I haven't noticed us having one yet.  My only respite has been when she made an extreme effort and wandered off to the shop for a few supplies.  And a sundee paper.  That is so we can learn all the bad and horrid news of the past week as if we haven't heard and seen enough about it already.  I mean Bertie is in a state of oblivion, sleeping through all this epidemic this and war that not to mention the other, and Ruggles he keeps up a brave front but me?  I have to bolster Owner's flagging spirits but who I said who is bolstering mine??  And yes I will have another dreamy biscuit they're my fave.  I love them.

BLOW ME DOWN BOOKSLOT OF THE WEEK:  here it is folks!!  Owner has suddenly remembered this wonderful tale................

Here it is!!!  The hundred and one Dalmations!! and in the photo at the back there is Owner's Dad with her daughter.  Just in front of that is an old marble ashtray with three hounds and a little crystal ball perches in the scooped out bit and then to the right is a frog poking out!  that is one of daughter's best ceramics.  All covered over by the lemon geranium.  Now the story you have probably all heard of and seen all the films but the Dodie Smith is a classic.  It all begins with Mr and Missis Pongo the Dalmations, who owned a young married couple The Dearlys - there is Nanny Butler and a Nanny Cook and of course the villainess Cruella de Vil!! Oh and all those puppies.  Owner's favourite was ...oh all of them, but there is a cadpig and a Lucky.  Oh and I do believe there is a cat.  So this is Owner's choice for today's bookslot - it's a story, as it says in the forward of this edition, 'for all ages'.  We love it.

Fresh and blowy para.  They do say this breezy weather is coming to us from a hurricane in Bermuda.  Just saying. (Owner says not to use that expression so I said why not but she didn't hear me above chucking back some more tablets).  Why I said to her a bit later on are we watching an old black and white film called Wagon Master?  It was on good bbc 2 when our best sundee paper said a film called 7 years in Tibet or something very like that was on.  But it wasn't. IT'S ALRIGHT I'VE TURNED OVER she goes.  That is so we can watch the hex factor all over again. We love it.
Final blustery windy para.  We are close to actual relaxing. Today good folks out there all laying around with your feet up maybe reading a paper, a book or with a glazed expression watching some old tripe I mean a good programme on the telly, today I watched Owner attempt at least four jobs at the same time (List) 1.  making toast 2.  hanging the washing out 3.  washing up 4.  giving me and Bertie a snack.  That should have been 1.  So at last we can stand down and settle for tonight's relentless RESULTS.  there will results of the strictly, results of the Hex Factor and if we can bear it ding a ling abbey.  Who will be voted off we cannot say oh yes we can!  We think the Lobster man aka Scott from Strictly and one of Louis's groups.  yes we predicted it here first.  or ICI as I like to say.  There is no limit to my one word French.  We all know I am a chat, and Owner is a Dames.  Je pense. Are you all ready for the week ahead because Owner isn't.  She has gone so far as to select two possible outfits.  Therein lies the story to her success....time I checked out back for Ruggles.  he is getting a bit choosy and I should know all about that. Bertie eats anything so why does Owner spend £s that we haven't got on bestest Sheba?  I am throwing this question up to the Universe.  Thank you universe.  Whatever the week throws back at us do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x