Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dramatic Thursdee

Wonka here.  Shakespeare knew all about it says Owner and if only he could be here in the classrooms today he would be spoilt for storylines plot lines, characters sets props you name it.  The learning environment (quoting here good folks) reports Owner needs a good shake up.  Did she have a better day you all gasp up in worriment?  all went to plan including getting up in the dark and sticking to her first outfit.  IT SEEMS TO LOOK ALRIGHT she muttered and who am I good folks out there to contradict an Owner in full flight of leaving the homestead to earn some £s to save us from starvedom?  Personally I wouldn't have worn those boots with that skirt but Owner was out the door before I could say.  I love it.

Drama ridden para.  of course when the drama has all finished and done for with the last buzzer in the massive giant complex stroke school, it simply begins all over again here.  Take Ruggles.  Now unlike tinkers who is being very purry and furry and winding round Owner's legs the second she trip traps out to the luxury shed, Ruggles does not want to live with us.  despite this, Owner insists on settling him down for the night on the linen basket.  This means endless preparations going on in the kitchen whilst me (oh alright and Bertie bubb) are cloistered in the dining room.  Shut out I mean to say.  When she had finally got him nestled on a comfy old pillow and a comfy old pilly case she can relax.   Relax until the small hours when she gets up and stumbles down into the kitchen where he is battling with the back door as if he has been a prisoner for days on end and must see daylight.  THE TROUBLE IS Wonka she drones on to me in the morning, HE JUST SITS AT THE DOOR LOOKING OUT.  Anyone else Owner I ventured would have lost patience and only you would stand around in a freezing draft waiting for a cat that doesn't live here, to go out.  I admit I said the last bit after I had my breakfast.  I love it.

Final dramatic cartoons and stuff para:  here is our cartoon offering which depicts the BRRRRng of the phone in the morning which is startling and frightening enough for us.

There we are!  all unnerved by the phone ringing and then Owner turning into a superwoman whirling around the house.  This is why good folks out there all in nice steady as you like jobs, Owner goes a bit jumpy of a morn.  BUT as I like to say, it's really de rien.  Je t'adore.
Real final and dramatic para.  Owner hurtled back in with supplies, a bag of concrete aka the cat litter, and had remembered to collect her other boots (the more suitable ones) from the nice cobbler man.  The house was ultra warm and Owner sped round shutting down the central heating and flinging open windows.  This was prior to our beloved and new roving hairdresser coming to transform Owner back to the beauty blonde we know and love.  Seconds later there he was with the whole kit and caboodle.  and the result?  IT IS VERY MOI she says and I have to concur (new word like it), it is indeed FAB.  Last night we cuddled up to Corrie x 1 and there is a returned Character in it!!  It is Chesney's and Fizz'z mum who neither of them like.  Roy is still on the edge and Kylie chucking down the tabs.  Liz in the Rovers is back with thingy, and Steve her good and newly depressed son shouted at Jim, his Da, in the nick.  HE NEEDS TO express HIS PENT UP FEELINGS explained Owner.  OH I says back.  After that we had a good dose of the Apprentice and our fave is Steve.  he is full of himself in a funny rather than annoying way and could hang on for a few weeks.  James nearly talked himself out of the show and is dangling by a new episode.  We love it.  Tonight wouldn't you know it there is RIEN to watch.  an early night beckons, if Owner can tear herself away from the shed and the kitchen.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x