Friday, 3 October 2014

Fitting Fridee

Wonka here.  Guess what?  NO that is not it but this is:
Here he is!  Our new snake freshly won at the Fair!  he does not have a name as yet but we are working on it.  I like Hisser, or just SSSSSSSSS but Owner says jury is out still.  I said in South Africa they don't have a jury they just have a judge, so Owner goes well then the JUDGE IS OUT.  I love it.
Fitting para.   Yes, he was won fair and square (that is a small pun according to Owner and I said so what I like it) on the hook a duck.  More money cast aside I said when she wandered back in with this snake round her shoulders.  I LIKE HIM, she went back and anyway I had not had any supper at that point so I chased Bertie Bubb instead of moaning on about our dwindling resources.  There is always next week goes Owner, in one of those devil may care moods.  And it lasted all through today good folks out there all behaving yourselves.  she flung off out on about new pillows and duvet covers and came back lugging two 'forever pillows'' in a huge bag.  Why?  I demanded up do you need them.  YOU ARE SPOSED TO CHANGE PILLOWS FREQUENTLY she reported back.   I mean anyone would think we are made of pillows I mean money!  I love it.
More fitting para.  so today has passed by in a whirl of activity.   yes we are back on with preparations for more visitors.  We are hardly done with the last one I challenged up (like it) and she has not gone yet!  I KNOW goes Owner trilling on about life is too short and such.  TELL ME ABOUT IT!  anyhow me and Bertie had to go upstairs and then I had to go under the bed while Owner tried to turn the mattress.  And by the time, she moans up, you have struggled with a full blown mattress which as we all know goes where it wants to, you need a new mattress because your back is done in!!  Oh the laughs we have in this house.  I tell you, the second Owner finished delving around with bedding and dusting (under the bed, well I like it....) I sprang on the bed for a well earned zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  I love it.
final fitting para.  So we are betwixt and between visitors and friends and in the small lull, Owner has been doing jobs around the home and generally being a busy bee,  She feels, good folks out there all ready for the weekend ahead, that today has been a fitting day.  All is settled and in its place.  Except the handle on the antique teapot that Owner insisted on using when friend came to tea.  One minute it was in her hand, then the next it had dropped off!  It is an antique I warned up, but she wasn't listening above searching for the aroldite which is hardy glue that her dear departed Dad used to swear by.  I ask you.  Most things in this house are clinging together courtesy of Aroldite.  We love it.
Real final fitting para.  Last night when Owner tumbled back in from the fair babbling about House of the Mouse, teacups, waltser things, a huge apparatus that swung up and down and how the people in it survived she did not know, plus that snake dangling round her neck, well the telly was out of the question.  Strong cups of tea in the new tea cups (china) was in order.  When Owner goes out she will get a bit excitable.  Luckily Ruggles called by to doublecheck on Owner as his tea time visit was a bit dicey due to friend being on the doorstep and Ruggles thought it was a pesky Viking.  I should know, I had to deal with one this morning who was cleaning all our windows!!  Now tonight we will be settled and glued to Corrie x 2 and the shenanigans with Kylie who is no longer drugged up, Dev from the corner shop who is being sized up by two ladies, and of course there is Peetah lingering in the clink.  In Enders the last we knew was Shazzer got hitched to Fil so the whole square could have (list) self ignited, found out it is inter related to everyone else or got murdered by Ben and Jay who is not a bird.  And then, just to round off our fitting fridee is JUDGES HOUSES.  What the heck is that you all gasp up?  Only where the Hex Factor gets a tad interesting that's what.  They all have the final battle it out and singing their little hearts out for the LIVES.  And on that happy note, I will bid you a lovely weekend with everything you want in it, BUT, do go steady good folks out there in Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x