Friday, 10 October 2014

Following Fridee

Wonka here.  trouble free night?  unless you count getting up at half past midnight to let Ruggles out into the moonlit yard, then yes we all slept like tops.  Even Bertie growled upstairs without any movement from me.  alright I looked at him but he didn't see me.  Bertie growls in advance you know.  any dreams you all wonder up?  Owner lay there talking herself into getting up and tried hard to remember any but like wisps of dust in the sunlight did they all float away.  She did wake up with a song though.  this is frequent and you will thank me for  not telling you all of them to get them in your head for the day but here is this one:  YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE.  one life for your self and one for your dreams.  do dobedo dobedo do............  I love it.

Fresh following para.  the song should have been:  no work today de dah de dah de dah.  No phone call no nothing.  is she downhearted? is she moaning up? gone back to bed??  None of them.  big TICK.  she is on good spirit setting and has already been up and doing and is talking of going out shopping and visiting.  it could all fall down here if we are not careful.   shopping for? I prompted up in that new and trebly annoying way??  I NEED CLOTHES DYE she says back.  Now no one needs clothes dye  except when Owner gets it into her head that if this or that garment were another colour she might wear it.  We all know this to be an illusion, a trick a giant falsehood and said garment should be flung into the charity bag.  BUT, once Owner has an idea in her head it is hard to shift it.  I love it.

Fresh and non died para.  Earlier in the week I had the pleasure of testing out my giant nest as a mattress.  to my surprise and delight the nest aka bed settee, when Owner pressed and pulled the right things sprang out to reveal itself as a rather comfy and even more giant nest.  here it is:

There it is!!  With Owner at the top end proudly displaying the hidden bed!!  there I am testing it out for comfiness  and big TICK.  yes once it is up there is just enough room for a tiny mouse to creep round the side.  so anyone partaking of this bed must have everything they need before switching the light off otherwise it could be an expedition.  Me?  so easy I cannot see what the problem is.  I love it.
Final nobody is following para.  This is what she is like.  WHO?  you all demand to know.  Owner of course.  Just before she flung off out of it, she decided to varnish the bathroom floor.  this had been a job for Satdee but NO, in one of those terrible snap decisions she is over fond of making does she set about it today.   HOW LONG? I murmured from well behind the dining room door, does it take to dry?  her hearing as you recall is quite sharp.  IT SAYS IT IS QUICK DRY she shouts from the miniscule floor she is going over.  One good thing though and this she has learned through years of practice.  She did not paint herself into a corner.  The smell was pretty strong but I am not complaining about that as it will fend off anymore of those pesky Viking attacks.  I love it.
Real final follow me follow me para.  No one that I am aware of is following me and as I have counselled Owner, or her.  Now when she fell back in the first thing she did was walk on the bathroom floor.  This without testing it for dryness.  Luckily she did not stick to it or muck it up.  she dragged back mostly essential shopping TICK and reported two decent visits. TICK.  No one has told her she looks (list) 1.  Tired or 2. Old or 3. enquired as to her employment status.  And I don't want to be anywhere near if they do.  Tonight we are glued to Corrie  X 2 and the continuing romance of thingy and thingy.  I think it is Gazzer and that nice lassie with the dark hair.  Which reminds us where is born again thingy and his partner thingy?  apologies for lack of names.  In Enders we wish we had forgotten all their names but no such luck.  Queen of the Vic Mick and his lady Linda are somehow despite years of closeness and love are not communicating with each other.  Shirlee is still holed up we think and Shazzer is now married to Fil.  Beyond that, we cannot bear to know.  Now if Owner can hold out, we may continue on into the night with more telly.  BUT, I have noticed a steady decline in her setting from fairly positive to downright nobody wants me or cares.  Where this has sprung from I cannot say.  Is she no longer in love you all shout up?  OR is she worried about her teeth?  This is always a lurking worry specially since she left the last dentist (magic touch when he was there.  Not always there.).  OR is it the spiral into financial hardship.  Whatever it is it will have to wait as I am starving for my tea, and good Ruggles may call any minute.  Now the good weekend is upon us and I beg you all to go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x