Friday, 17 October 2014

Full pelt Fridee

Wonka here.  Up we got in the dark and on the second snoozle.  there were dreams a plenty and once more they rushed away as soon as Owner thought what did I dream just then?  What wasn't a dream was Bertie growling in advance and believe me (it is true it wasn't me) at big fat nothing all through the night.  What me and Owner do recall is her going SSSHHHH Bertie.  And then SHUT UP BERTIE!!  apart form that, a peaceful night had by all even though Owner hit the sack too late and then insisted on reading (the Goldfinch,  nearly at the end).  We love it.

Fresh and full pelt para.  Then, just as Owner had 'got round' as she puts it and popped a good washing on, refreshed (like it) my tray alright Bertie's too, and she had decided she could have a lazy day it happened.   She never got a day's work you all gasp up!!!  YES!  The hand of that God reached down once more and saved us from the credit card and starvedom.  YES I AM AVAILABLE goes Owner on the phone scribbling down a postcode.  NO I DON'T HAVE A SATNAV she mumbles I will JUST find it.  Now I have to share with you Owner's extreme luck when it comes to (list) 1.  Parking up.  generally MOO (a god) the Wishing Well, the Universe come to her aid and make a spce big enough for her to reverse park into. 2.  directions - it matters not that they are just a few scribbled bits of information on a post it note you couldn't see without a magnifying glass - she always finds it.  I put this down to her nervous system going into fifth gear.  Either that or those gods again.  I FOUND THE SCHOOL by accident she told me when she fell back in later on. Was it alright I goes, anxious for some teatime never mind Bertie and Tinkers who is lurking in the luxury shed.  IT IS A MASSIVE school she whined up, and said she had to walk miles to get to each classroom.  She loves it.

Fresh and fullish peltingish para.  As promised you must see the newby baby pink bag.  There is another bag in use and it is the School bag.  Yes. If you are good and more to the point if I remember with my busy schedule and all, I will beg Owner to pop a cartoon of that one on for you.
There is small bag dilemma going on about which bag to use for what.   In the meantime....ROLL OF THE DRUMS the beauty red velvet curtains swish back to reveal....
There he is!!  it is a he as Owner has called it a 'him' since she purchased and I must say now I look at him square on, does it look like an animal too!!  bit of a lion bag if you ask me...or just a big cat?? I am giving my seal of approval from the right hand side and there is the lemon geranium and a photo to the left.  Knottted to the side of our lion bag is one of Owner's many scarves.  At last it has a rightful home on the newby baby pink lion bag.  We love him.
Final pelting para.  so in sum folks, a very busy week here in between visitings and workings and shoppings OH and publishing our new story!!! if you haven't seen it yet do give it a chance on and it is Wonka's Halloween Story!!!  Now last night we managed to watch one of the Apprentice shows, the first one, and we lapped it up.  the one with the sullen unsmiling face is FIRED and the one from Columbia or Rome or somewhere was saved.  So was the arty farty one as LORD Sugah called him.  The ladies are all blonde or brunette and talk a lot.  nothing changes there says Owner.  OH I goes back.  and tonight we have beloved Corrie X 2 and more of the courtroom drama.  Will Peetah be saved from the jaws of the clink??  Will Kylie stop with the tablets??  Now Owner is already talking about an early night but this means zilch folks, OR as I like to say, de rien.  I bet any money (now we have some) that we tramp upstairs late on.  Ruggles was a fiddle faddle last night and would not make his mind up whether to stay in or go out.  anyone else I said, would have popped him outside.  I AM NOT ANYONE ELSE she says to me, and I love it because she is not, she is my bestest hard at work Owner.  And I'm not just saying that because I haven't had my supper yet!  Now the weekend is upon us SO do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x