Monday, 20 October 2014

Ginger up Mundee

Wonka here.  Owner reports feeling MORE THE TICKET Wonka and puts this swift recovery from the brink of moaning and groaning to Ginger.  Yes.  and not just any old ginger but a huge slice of ginger cake made by that well known baker.  NO not that one.  The other one that begins with a Mc.  My great aunt Maud, she starts up telling me, used to make slabs of black ginger cake and me and my brother used to gobble this up washed down with ginger beer.  You can imagine dear folks out there listening to this what my reaction is?  you know how health ridden I am apart from those beloved dreamies oh alright and I am partial to fish with that nice batter on, OH if I am to be honest I have been caught a couple of times sipping milk from the jug BUT all that to one side (Owner's fave expression) I would not recommend ginger cake home baked plus gassy old ginger beer.  ALL YOUR TEETH will drop out!!  sorry Owner I mentioned teeth and that is taboo in this house.  I love it.

Ginger Rogers para.  Now you will admire me for saying that as straight off I am showing you Owner's good cartoon from the nice dancing show we watch every satdee and sundee to brighten our little lives up:
There they are!!!  That is Pasha and Caroline spinning round to a quick step and behind them the good judges with Craigy darling on the left and then Darcy and then Len and ends up with Bruno who Owner said was a bit manic this week.  I said you should know Owner, from well behind the dining room door!!  Our faves were kept in, that is good Simon who has discovered his happy side, Jake who is like a whirling Elvis, Alison who is happy all the time and we think that is down to her partner Aljaz.  I WOULD BE HAPPY, says Owner, if I was partnered up with him.  we love it.
More of that ginger para.  despite feeling alright physically I cannot say too much about Owner's mood setting which is in danger of dropping down.  I have urged her to go out now it has stopped raining ( I am not going out if it is raining I heard her say earlier.  not having any money is not as yet a barrier).  While we are not on the subject of Tinkers, we have this to relate:  IS SHE FATTER OR HAVING KITTENS?? Owner remarked when she fed this mewling, collared up Tinkers this morn.  One thing we can be certain of though, it is not down to Ruggles.  it would be a toss up between ginner tom and blackster.  TIME WILL TELL goes Owner.  That's all we need folks.  I mean Bertie is still coming to terms with me never mind kitwits.  No, I don't love it.  Not as yet.
Final ginger as you like para.  Yes Owner tottered off out and reports no rain but wind getting up when she bounced back in later on.  Bounced?  you all gasp up in wonderment!!  Sometimes good folk out there all enjoying steady as you like lives with no lurches or mood swings, Owner goes off in one mood and comes back in with another.  Is it love?  you all shout up.  if it is, it is a big secret to me and probably whoever Owner is in love with (the way she likes it.  unrequited, unobtainable, never going to happen, these are all up Owner's street) no I rather think it is the phone call from the good agency going on about a possible job.  Drawback I ventured, once I had been fed?  it is miles away, she says back, and it is admin.  YOU HATE ADMIN I goes to her but she said that silly old phrase that drives me mad NEEDS MUST WHEN THE DEVIL DRIVES.  Now tonight we are clinging onto good Corrie X 2 and no results in sight oh hang on!!  ~The verdict is in sight for innocent as the day is long Peetah.  This can only mean a Guilty verdict.  Life seems to run along similar lines says Owner.  To fend off a long moaning fest from her I said I was starving, Bertie was too (although this is ongoing and is 24 stroke 7) and then there was Rug and Tinkers to think over.  I AM ON IT she goes.  There was mention earlier of running the monster round but why use that when a little brush and pan will do the trick?  I have been nicely settled in my amazon box thank you very much and can do without it.  So Mundee has been gingered up, Owner did not spend overmuch whilst out because I checked, and we are all in one piece.  I do hope you are all the same.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x