Sunday, 26 October 2014

Lost Hour Sundee

Wonka here.  Hallo there everyone!  over here in this tiny miniscule piece of land we are all clinging to called the united kingdom, we do something twice a year and it is  FOOLING AROUND WITH THE TIME. 
All have to remind us weeks in advance it is happening and on the good night as we approach the mucking about with it, it is worse.  This time of year we put the clocks BACK by one hour.  Me?  thanks for asking well I did wonder up why Owner was darting around muttering about the timer (central heating) and the kitchen clock that she has had for over thirty years and no longer has a plastic face to it, it is bare.NO she must not get rid of it, like everything else that is worn out and needs replacing she must cling onto it.   We don't do well with change in this house, not.  Finally when she had carted round all the ticking timing clocks (not watches she forgot that) we turned in for the night.  So really, our Hour (like it) was used up by sorting it out!!!  I love it.

 New and time saving para:  In honour of Halloween approaching we are going to present a well known and well loved author for Owner's and mine (I am joining in with this one as I love him) Bookslot:


It is a collection of the little-known Charles Dickens!  The reason we have picked this out specially for the run up to Halloween is because he always wanted to write a really good ghost story and we think he admired those who did.  You will have heard of his unfinished work (The Mystery of Edwin Drood) but one of the short stories in this collection is called 'The haunted signalman' - according to the forward it is an excerpt, coming from writings in 1866.  We are not ashamed to admit to being fascinated with Mr Dickens who gets a few mentions in the #wonka stories and of course turns up in Owner's story for Halloween (read by me!).  If you get a chance to read this one though, Owner does recommend it!! Mr Dickens died on 9 June 1870.  We love him.

Hours gone by para.  so we passed the night thus:  Ruggles was snugged on the linen basket which usually means a restless night for all.  Up gets Owner at the new time of 4 30am which the night before would have been 5 30 am which doesn't improve things really.  IT IS FAR TOO EARLY to be up.  The feeding frenzy normally set for around 6 - 9 am depending began an hour and a half early!!!!  Finally we all went back to bed and didn't get up til 9 am (or 10 am in another time or land or country).  This has put us all out but somehow Owner crushed 4 hours work into 3.  I think.  ARE YOU GOING SWIMMING I shouted up above the monster.  it zoomed right up near me and gave me a rare fright!  Despite the volleys of sneezing she flung off out of it and flung back in moaning about the temperature. it was FREEZING she whined.  Do you the wold of good I said from well behind the dining room door where she couldn't hear me above the roar of the wind out back.  I love it.

Final lost an hour para.  last night we got through what seemed like a year long of entertainment stroke reality shows with dancing and singing or something close to it.  I HAVE HAD ENOUGH Wonka she goes towards the end of the Hex Factor.  SYmon or simon ghoul as he is better known in this house (and in honour of Halloween) was saying silly things like I DON'T LIKE THAT SONG when it was an ace song, or saying he would go out to lunch with Stevi thingy who cannot sing or dance really but seems to be a hit.  suffice to say (like it) we were very worn out by whatever time it was it all finished at.   Tonight we must cope with the RESULTS and the BOTTOM two.  there are dance offs and sings offs til we are quite dizzy really.  NO FURTHER NEWS on the newby neighbour who is proving a mystery.  Mr Dickens would like it and maybe write a story.  We think there is time before the new neighbour reveals himself/herself/theirselves.  Rug is ensconced (very proud of this word) in the kitchen which is like a sauna.  WHY? you all gasp up.  Because Owner thought she might like a rice pudding and in it goes but instead of putting the oven on she has put the grill on.  WILL IT BE ALRIGHT you all wonder up?  TIME good folks will tell us.  Now the new week is upon us with plenty of hours to sort us all out in SO do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x