Monday, 6 October 2014

Mouldy Mundee

Wonka here.  Are you, I challenged up, ever going out Owner??  I HAVE LOST MY get up and go, she moaned back at me.  My work has been cut out for me this mouldee old morning to inspire and motivate Owner.  WHY? you all wonder up.  because Plan A, which was to get up so early it was still dark and BE READY, for that IN CASE phone call, has fallen down.  No phone call.  I brushed this aside as one of those things ready to tackle PLAN B.  What is, you all say nicely, this PLAN??  that is what I am still wondering....... but things can change.  This could still be an inspiring day.  I love it.

Mouldy para.  Now last night, a surprising thing happened.  After the back to back tv fest of one show after another, you would have thought Owner was too tired to consider a new night time arrangement.  BUT NO.  Ruggles appeared like a teddy bear ghost cat in the back yard and demanded entry.  Then, does he settle on the linen box.   Have I to let him stop the night starts Owner on one of those endless debates I have not got time in my kitty cat life for.  OH she goes in one of those flash decisions (usually wrong) he can stay.  So we passed the night on a knife edge of whether Ruggles who is perfectly capable and able, could spend the night in the good kitchen without incident.  Me?  thanks for asking, I did get some zzzzzzz inbetween waiting for Bertie to growl past the side of the bed and then of course all leaping up in the dark.  No wonder I says you are out of sorts Owner.  Ruggles was fine, probably had the best night's sleep in the house.  Popped out, came back for breakfast and popped out again.  and now he is probably all tucked up in the luxury shed while I have to put up with Plan B.

More mouldee para.  The weather is not helping.  it is raining with that dash of wind.  I must go out, she announces hours later when I have given up on peace and quiet, as I (quote) need more dreamies biscuits!  and these biscuits are for Ruggles.  Do I complain?  Feel left out?  if I do I shall just give Bertie a small chase round and this should sort me out!  I love it.

Mouldy day cartoon para.  As I have said we loved the weekend fest of Judges Mouses as I am now calling it!  and here it is with Simon de Ghoul I mean Cowell...
There we are!!  I think they are in LA that is Los Angeles to you folk out there in the Wold, in the pesky U S of A.  There is Simon and Sunitta (sorry if that is not your name Sunitta) judgin away.  That is a singer called Fleur who Sunitta thought could sing and is in the LIVES.  Some of them can sing and our faves are Ben (who drove a van), Andrea (from Rome) and maybe one of Cheryl's girlies.  We don't like the groups so far and especially the group with no name as they have pinched that off of our car.  We love it.
Final mouldee old para.  So big news of the day (so far.  I live in hope as you know) Owner fought off a big bout of black dog down in the dumps where is my life going to, and went OUT.  When she trudged back in and I checked the rather large size carrier from Wilkies (they sell everything.  no really) I had to give it a large TICK.  I could not for the life of me see any non essentials in it.  There was a lot of cat food TICK.  some cotton wool balls (necessary and essential) TICK not even any choc or sweets. I CANNOT goes Owner, get my weight down if I am eating them.  I tell you good folks out there imagining Owner is on the heavy size well imagine again.  She is tiny.  and it is alright as we still have a good store of choc limes.  Now good news of the day (there is more you all gasp up!) is that when Owner flitted out to the delux shed in the steady and persistent rain guess who was nestled in the igloo.  The very same igloo cat bed that I turned my nose up at, and never went near until it was put outside and before it was I checked it out.....TINKERS was in it, sound as you like.  Goodness me! went Owner.  So there we are.  It is but a short step I droned, to Tinkers being in the igloo in here, but Owner wasn't listening above making herself a strong builders tea.  I love it.
Real final mouldee day para.  Now tonight we will be entranced by Corrie X 2 and all the goings on of Liz Macdonald and her ex wide boy Man Jimmy who is running the clink singlehanded and is using Peetah for blackmail.  We love him (Peetah.) and where you might ask is Carling black eyebrows all this time?  Over in Enders as you know Fil has been shot by Shirlee but got married to Shazzer in the nick of time.  She sported a rather old fashioned and now bloody (Owner says I can say that as it is fact not swearing.  Righto) wedding gown.  If I ever, said Owner, get married again (I may throw myself over the doorway to prevent this) please don't let me wear anything similar.  I won't I promised Owner back faithfully.  Now it has been a rather mouldy day here so do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x