Saturday, 25 October 2014

Neighbourly Satdee

Wonka here.  Now I didn't want to say last night as it could have brought on a prolonged worriment a la Owner, but as she struggled up the street stroke motorway with our supplies (could not park near the house had to nip into nearest space, miles from our good home) - as she fought against the wind oh no it wasn't windy, alright then but that concrete aka cat litter can weigh a ton, she noticed........(sound of klaxon going off, roll of the drums building to a crescendo!!!!) - there are net curtains and boxes in the empty house next door!!!!  I do hope, I said when she fell in the front door, that no one could read your lips Owner.  I DON'T CARE IF THEY DID, she moaned up, and set about the ensuing (like it) feeding frenzy.  and this dear folks, stopped her from dwelling on the newby neighbour.

More on it para.  As yet we have not seen who he/she/they are.  BUT, owner reports a blue tea shirt on the line.  Meaning? I prompted up in that new and annoying way... They could be working and have to wear a tea shirt in that ghastly shade of blue, Owner goes back to me.  Personally I don't have a problem with work wear or uniforms and it would save Owner a lot of time in the morning if she had one.  Obviously I didn't say this at the time as it was tea time and I was starving up.  I love it.

Good neighbours are like gold para. 
There we are!!  there is our good home with me spying out the side window in the bay, but still DE RIEN to report as yet.  In the middle window of our home is Maximillian snow leopard.  and I do watch out all three windows, yes.  Owner has helpfully (for a change. I can say that as she cannot see this and I have had my tea) shown Ruggles and Tinkers lurking at the side passageway.  To the left of our good home is the vacant and now taken house with someone in it who we don't yet know.  We would like them to be (list) 1.  very very very nice,  2.  quiet as we are 3. helpful without being unwelcome 4.  a car mechanic stroke handyman stroke plumber and certified electrician. 5.  a good sense of humour 6. with a car that never takes away from Owner's space 7. friendly and fun 8 although now I think about it this should be 1.  AN ANIMAL LOVER.  I love it.
We love good neighbours final para.  We will keep you posted good folks out there on the edge of your seats and all enjoying nice neighbours.  Now today has passed by with Owner on a sneezing jive.  Is this the same cold as last weekend I ventured up, as I thought in a friendly way. ATCHOOOO she goes back.  I don't recall quite that much sneezing up so maybe it is different.  Last night we clung on to Corrie X 2 where Kylie continues to hurtle down the wrong pathway and David is too forgiving for his suspicious nature, Steve has lost his cuddling up factor and the new community centre opened up.  The mother of Fizz and thingy is called Cilla (sorry if it isn't) and she has osteo something but no one must know.  Yes.  Tonight we will be loving our strictly and all.  Jake will be swinging his hips and we hope Simon will learn from Judee and anton and get some giggles.  SMILE!  We love him.  Then we must keep our strength up for the hex factor and our loving panel of judges.  Will Cheryl wear another Kermit outfit??  only she knows what to do.  Ruggles is now overdue for some teatime but did appear for his breakfast so there is no alert out as yet.  Tinkers has flitted into the shed for a snack and is still on the fat side.  jury still out on that unlike poor Peetah in Corrie who has got LIFE for not murdering Teenah.  now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x