Sunday, 12 October 2014

Oh Sundee

Wonka here.  I am going to get the ball rolling with a story.  OOOHH you all gasp up, woken up from your snoozles by this departure (like it) from the norm.  It is not our story (not yet) it is a story you all know, called Pinocchio.
This is it!! and this book that you all can see, is Owner's book saved from childhood and purchased in a bookshop in Cambridge, called Heffers. To her delight, this bookshop is still there!!  Now Pinoccio is the tale of a puppet who is lovingly crafted by his owner Geppetto and who has many adventures before returning home to become a real boy!!  You will maybe have heard that his nose grew longer if he lied?  Luckily he had a good fairy to keep him in check............. My Owner says she has a story about good and bad fairies and it is about a dog called Diva.  Perhaps, in the new year she might let me read it to you.  In the meantime, there is our Halloween story to look forward to, up next week, and a new story for Christmas too. We love it.
Oh it's a para para.  More on the bookshop called Heffers - Owner reports this was a special outing usually on a Satdee and with her brother in tow.  She recalls the smell of a new book and how exciting it was to buy one with her pocket money.  IT WAS A TREASURE Wonka she tells me with a dreamy old look in her eye.  And they must have been precious because she still has most of them.  her fave book you all wonder up?  Carbonel by Barbara Sleigh was one of them.   Me? thanks for asking, well apart from reading the odd story or two that Owner has knocked out, I don't really bother.  My work is cut out for me keeping Bertie in check, playing with Ruggles under the kitchen door, getting plenty of rest inbetween and the seagull watch.  No I haven't mentioned them lately because all the babies are proper birds now and not tweenies (Owner's silly name for the baby seagulls) anymore.  This means it has gone quiet for now.  I love it.
Final oh Sundee para.  Today has been quite dreamy all round really and this started with a giant lay in.  AT LAST she goes this morning, I am not up at the crack of dawn for nothing.  Do you mean de rien, I said to Owner as you know I like to get a bit of French in if I can.  NON she says back.  Once we all came to and were rounded up for our first feeding frenzy of the day, Owner listened to the news.  I begged her not to as it can only lead to despair.  I  HAVE TO STAY INFORMED she goes back.  As long as those pesky Vikings stay clear that's all I ask but I think we may have a deterrent (get me).  You recall owner insisted on dying a hitherto (love it) friendly and clean white shirt?  She has dyed it and it went the colour of a bright orange Marigold.  IT SAID SUNFLOWER yellow on the packet she moaned up.  Since when, I asked her patiently (still need my tea) do you wear sunflower yellow??  BUT, if Owner pops this shirt on and the Viking do knock on the door and she does answer it, they will most certainly run off.  We love it.  And the shirt is in the charity bag for now.  No I cannot imagine who would buy it.  I doubly love it.
Real final OH Sundee para.  last night Owner only managed a little bit of Strictly and most of the Hex Factor.  Aside from not liking the new presenter Tess Whaley I mean Daly who is not Hostess material (and I quote from owner) and although liking Claudia thingy thinks she is too classy for trailing round celebrities, we did not like Donny Osmond as a guest judge.  He seemed to take it very seriously and dished out a TEN.  We think it will be the last thing he does dish out.  Over on the Hex Factor and the LIVES, all were indeed singing for their lives, and some did it better than others.  We do not like those two blonde girlies and most of the groups.  Our fave is still Andrea from Rome who can sing and should win.  Tonight it is the results shows where thankfully we can vote some of these 5 minute wonders off.  And then it is ding a ling Downton where all are either murdering, sleeping with or serving someone.  We do love it.  Now the good week is upon us and blow me down if Owner isn't having a visit from her pals!!  The house has been cleaned within an inch and I mustn't lose any fur or scratch anyone.  AS IF.  And Bertie has been warned about the other.  Now do look forward to the new week like we are doing.  Go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x