Monday, 27 October 2014

Rough Mundee

Wonka here.  Owner reports and I quote having A ROUGH NIGHT.  Meaning? I quizzed up in that new and annoying way.  I am ILL Wonka she goes back.  Despite this and with some gentle encouragement from me and Bertie (pre breakfast) she got up and got on with it.  The best thing, I murmured up from behind the dining room door, is to keep going Owner!!! She couldn't hear me though above trekking to the luxury shed in this force nine gale that suddenly sprang up.  I love it.

Roughish para.  yesterdee as you will all recall I spoke at length about the missing and lost hour.  I am blaming Owner's rough and ill ridden night's sleep on this hour.  And for our good cartoon......
There we are!  me and Owner gazing up at the old kitchen clock without a plastic face to protect it.  That clock, goes Owner, has ticked and tocked in several homes.  we think it is close to nine.  Will it continue its ticking journey in others???  this is the mystery deep inside the clock, along with that elusive hour folks!!  Under the clock is Owner's best calendar for 2014.  It is sporting a ladybird clip to the left and a flower clip to the right and guess what??  YOU GUESSED IT!! We love it. x

Final rough as a scouring pad para.  I am going to have to make this good diary stroke blog short and sweet due to Owner's demise (like it lots).  when she is ill she is very demanding.  LIKE.  Why are you not eating that new and expensive gourmet food Wonka?  she asked of me...I was busy dreaming at the time deep in a zzzzzzzzzz so woke with a jolt!!  to be fair it tasted funny and I don't really do food in gravy.  Bertie of course does all food at all times in all places.  BUT it does not suit his inner workings to eat anything other than sheba terrine.  NO BErtie! goes Owner if he looks over at mine.  YOU CAN'T JUST SIT THERE  RUG TUGGLES she says to Rug who does not move an inch.  See how demanding she is good folks??  This is what we have to put up with when she is ill.  that, and feeling sorry for itself.  I feel old and ugly plus tired she moans up.Me?  thanks for asking, well a fairly busy day keeping an eye out for the invisible neighbour.  NOT YET SIGHTED. it will be my luck, drones Owner, that he/she/they/it will knock on the good front door to introduce themselves when I am looking .......(you can finish that sentence yourselves you clever folk out there!!)  If she can muster up the energy we will be glued to the continuing fortunes of Peetah in the clink and Carling blackeyebrows in the Factory.  but really it is no trouble for me to keep an eye on Owner when she is feeling so rough because I love her it is DE RIEN!!! do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it and especially if you are feeling rough.  Big Love Wonka x