Saturday, 18 October 2014

Scented Satdee

Wonka here.  I FEEL ILL said Owner last night going on about a sore throat and feeling funny.  I offered up some sound advice as per.  (list) 1.  you are tired therefore you feel ill 2.  that will explain why you keep saying you are fat old ugly and dull. 3. you look the same to me (meaning that in a nice way but Owner didn't notice my slip) 4.  shove down a couple of tablets, vit C eat loads of protein and early night.  DID SHE LISTEN UP?  Yes siree, for once my advice was taken PLUS I got an extra helping of dreamies biscuits when Owner didn't notice and kept shaking out the packet into my dish.  Bertie will eat anything and wouldn't know a dreamie from a chunk of basics here to help cat food stroke biscuit treats.  We love them!

Freshly scented para.  before you all shout up going on about your colds and fevers and how can you shift them here is one of the nicest photoshoots Owner has ever produced.  In my humble opinion:

There it is!!  Our little old rose bush has produced an exceptional bloom for us!  and the scent is divine says Owner who has sniffed it each time she treks out to the luxury shed.  A ROSE FOR MY ROSE she keeps singing now.  We wish you could smell it too but if you imagine leaning down and drawing in the smell of all the loveliest roses you have walked near to and imagine the scent just drifting over..... We love it.
Fresh and rosey para:  today is shopping and visiting day and several times I have had to say to Owner to GET A MOVE ON.  she is in danger of slipping into dreamy and relaxed setting when there is still work to be done.  Like, I need more of those dreamies and pouches and Ruggles's food is low.  Bertie will eat anything so why owner insists on special sheba terrine I cannot say.  jealous?  me?  not a jealous bone in my little furry body. ALRIGHT I AM MAKING A MOVE she goes.  At last I whispered up from the window sill where I am quite rightly having to keep my eye on a leaf blowing round the street aka motorway.  it could turn into a bird any moment and I love it.
Still full of scent final para:  back she comes laden with more supplies and not one NOT ONE non essential item in sight. This is firm evidence that she is a tad unwell good folks out there all rushing abut full of energy and shopping til you drop.  Did aged parent like her new clothes I chirped up and said straight off?  SOME OF THEM owner reports met with aged parent's approval whilst others were given the death stare.  Are those in that bag you have brought back with you I ventured up?  YES, she goes, to return to the shop.  According to Owner, aged parent kept saying things like 'that's cheap' and 'oh pockets - not that I have anything to put in them!'.  This sent them both a bit hysterical (laughing) and I'm only glad I wasn't there.  It's the highly strung factor you know and talking of which we will be glued as always to this good show later on - oh alright the Hex Factor then!!  We are still rooting for Andrea as he can sing his heart out for us and luckily those annoying girls have gone.  There will be others to take their place we reckon.  yes and then before that is the Strictly Dancing!  ~We are now loving that big hearted woman Alison who is dancing with our fave proper dancer Aljaz or something very like that (Sorry Aliash! which is what it sounds like).  Owner says she feels a bit better and that aged sibling also reported a sore throat.  Keep taking the tablets I shouted whilst Owner put the kettle on and couldn't hear me above the roar of it.  Now Ruggles is due and I need to check on the back yard plus possibly put my head round the door to the Narnia cupboard.  Strangely, Bertie doesn't like this.  As I have said to Owner (in my defence) this is just my way of saying HALLO!!  NONSENSE Wonka, she goes to me, it is scary, your big fat face coming round the door.  Well I love it.  now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x