Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Soapbox Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Straight away we bring you one of Owner's fine cartoons.  It is not of a soapbox either!!  it is Owner at aged parent's home enjoying the Midas Touch!!
Here we are!!  Last week when Owner rounded off her emotional day with a visit to aged parent and found them all entranced by song!!  The tears flowed!! NOT SO TODAY folks.  and this is where the soapbox comes in.  I think Owner woke up with a political message ringing in her ears because that is all she has gone about today.  If she has gone on about it once she has gone about it big time.  YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANY FRIENDS LEFT I advised her as she wrote a long thing about her fave debate of the moment on facebook.  I DON'T want friends who disagree with my (quote) fundamental standpoint she burbles back.  personally, and I know you will agree with me, soapboxes are alright if there is a little bit of humour thrown in.  A little joking up here and there to help people accept the unacceptable.  There I have said it.  Is Owner listening?  Not today.  AND HERE'S another thing she continued working herself up to a crescendo (like this expression a lot) but I didn't catch what it was from chasing Bertie up the stairs and into one of his hideouts aka the wardrobe.  I love it.
Soapbox ahoy para.  When Owner finally got off out of it and I could relax a bit, I did listen up to the lively debate on good radio 2 and there were lots of people ringing in who agreed with Owner!  I did mean to tell her when she fell back in laden with supplies and more luxury concrete I mean cat litter but I forgot.  WHAT I challenged up, is in this dept store bag??  And here is the explanation.  Owner says she went in the shop to take something back as it was NOT suitable TICK.  She then spoilt it by buying two items that ARE suitable and cost twice as much as the thing she took back.  I ask you.  This visit was followed up by a visit to the supermarket she cannot stand.  WHY I said, go in there.  I FELT THAT WAY OUT she goes back.  Now I am all for a bit of bluster and hey ho.  Usually.  But on a soapbox day???  Je t'adore.  je pense. De rien.x
Final soapbox day para.  When she got to see aged parent who was leafing through a pile of photos, Owner got a shock.  THERE were TWO of me Wonka, and I looked gorgeous.  I think it was around the same time that Owner fell briefly in love.  YOU ARE LIT up I complimented her (OOH).  then it all fell down because Owner insisted on (quote) bringing aged parent up to date with the news.  That is the news according to Owner.  Once on the hot potato of the day, does aged parent take the opposite view.  AND, told Owner she looked tired.  End of soapbox.  End of looking gorgeous.  I still like my hair though Wonka, goes Owner, and that good folks out there all having soapboxes of your own, is the saving grace of the day.  Now last night by accident we did tune in to a bit of Enders and thought we were watching a pantomime instead,  ALL because dastardly sposed to be dead Nick was alive and well and in Dot's kitchen.  Then we quickly passed onto Holbee and more theatricals to be had including aged parents.  A bit too close too home I murmured but she wasn't listening she was too busy seeing to Ruggles and Tinkers.  Rug is snug as a bug in the kitchen and where is Tinkers?  Mr High Viz has been drilling yes drilling the other side of the living room wall and we are hoping he stops soon.  It is our Corrie X 1 and the Apprentice night and last but not least, it is a sure sign Owner is feeling more the ticket when she finds that soapbox!! Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x