Sunday, 5 October 2014

Super Sundee

Wonka here.  did we all sleep like a bunch of tops?  YES and Owner came too nicely saying things like how much she loved me, oh alright and Bertie and the fact it is a Sundee and the day good folks to ourselves.  Now before you ask up, there was something else to report up and it gave Owner quite a surprise.  Guess what it was??  YES you all got it right, what a clever bunch of folk you all are.  Owner trips traps out to the shed to welcome the new morn in to Ruggles and who was in the shed snuggling up with him but Tinkerbelle!!  TINKERS goes Owner.  I tell you it is but a short step from feeding and sleeping in the delux shed to settling in chez nous.  I do quite like Tinkers and as you know I love a game of catch paw with Rug under the dining room door....

Superduper Para.  Now you all know how I like to make Owner laugh and be happy (is there a new and catchy song there I wonder up??)  well on the same day that she struggled home with new bedding and those silly giant pillows, she only went and bought a curtain.  OOH you all question and sit up now, what kind of curtain?  IT IS A VOILE PANEL Wonka, explained Owner when I questioned the packet.  And we need it for?...I challenged up in that new and annoying way.  FOR THE LIVING ROOM DOORWAY she shot back at me.  Now you do need to know good folks that when my new giant nest moved in the living room, aka the bed settee, it meant goodbye to the door.  We cannot, droned Owner, have a door that closes AND a new settee in this pocket hankey sized room.  Now me?  I am fine with open doorways it means I can get in and out without scraping away at the bottom of doors for hours on end.  Bertie as you know lives permanently in the Narnia cupboard or the maisonette cupboards upstairs.  I like the idea, she kept on droning, of a divide.  OH I says back coming out of a pleasant dream to find she was still telling me things.  And once it went up, I did love it!!  I loved it so much there is a cartoon to show you!

Super super doopah para:  Several hours of dowelling and cup hooks, hammers and nails later, the voile panel went up with a nice bit trailing along the luxury carpet.  MMMMMM.
There it is!  With me wrapped round in it!  Owner says she was relaxing nicely (blue moon) in the living room and looks round to see me gazing at her from the depths of the new blackcurrant and sequinned voile panel.  YOU ARE FUNNY Wonka she goes up!  Yes and the voile survived!  Owner has twisted it up in a strange knot that means I cannot get wound round in it until she sets it free!  I love it.
Final super duper para.  so today has been super.  sunny, swimful and successful with regard to a small shop that I have let Owner off with.  WHY you all gasp up, are you so forgiving?  Because dear folks it was mostly things for aged parent, and Owner only slipped up once and bought herself something.  TICK.  Now last night we were reality TV'd out.  We went straight from Strictly and beloved Simon and Kristina oh and now we love Jake (that is Max in Enders and he has hip action to go mad for says Owner), straight from all of that to Judges Mouses I mean Houses (that is a Freudian slip from me and I am proud).  yes it was Simon and Sinitta or a name very like that, listening up to six singers.  yes at least three of them can sing.  Our money is on Ben, we love him and he can sing and Stevi who cannot sing to save his life but is funny.  What will Simon do we wonder up.  THEN it was Casualtee and guess what.  No that is not it.  Charlie Farley nursey is still in it but GEOFF the nice ambulance driver who was living with thingy but in love with the other one, well he got blown up.  WOE.  Tonight we have results and results and then it is Downton, ting a ling Abbey.  I tell you we know how to live it up in this house!!  Rug has called in for his tea and Tinkers looked in at me from the top of the steps this aft.  I do like her yes.  Now the good week is nearly upon us and goodness knows I am praying as usual for a few little jobs to come Owner's way.  So do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x