Thursday, 9 October 2014

Talented Thursdee

Wonka here.  Possibly by talking in a rather nasty way about the good and enduring snooze alarm, afforded (get me!) by Owner's mobile, it died in the night.  We all heard a GLOOOP noise as it gulped down the last of its battery life and then nothing.  or, as I like to say, de rien. ZILCH.  How, you all worry up, did you get up on time then?  AH.  That is all about Owner's inner clock, which is ticking away and tells her it is about 6 am ish.  IT IS QUITE ACCURATE goes Owner, when she checked the real time down below.  Me?  thanks for asking, well I have an inner starvation clock and I know it is breakfast time when it is grumbling.  Bertie is always starving so that is no good.  Oh and when Owner peeked out of the bedroom window it was dark and that giant moon was up, always a good indication that it is still night time.  yes we all got up anyway.  I love it.

Talented para.  What you all say, and quite rightly is all this about talent??  It all started up last night when Owner said I AM GOING TO BED.  This means we have another hour or two to linger downstairs in....anyway, does she look out of the window to see some glaring headlights and they belong to our fave neighbour across the way and his new blue van.  HE IS PARKING VERY CLOSE to my car with no name says Owner, who is now openly looking out at his many attempts to get into a small space. With that, she pops outside, in the dark and rainy street to offer to move her car to help him!!  and he is so talented he has parked up perfectly and without any assistance.  Look at this:

There it is!! snug as you like up to Owner's chebang stroke car.  We don't care about the one in front either!!  And whilst she was chatting to him (the neighbour with no name.  I know.) she reminded him that his outdoor light show is not working.  he took this on board nicely I thought and said he just needed a new bulb.  it is an attractive light show once it is working and does cheer Owner up to look out at it.  I WAS GOING TO POP A NOTE IN YOUR DOOR she shouts over to him.  Again, he seemed to take this well, even joining in and saying 'TO SAY GET THOSE LIGHTS ON!'.  He said it had been a rotten day so Owner told him it was now over with.  We love it.

 More talented paras.  And we all have a talent for something.  When Owner isn't working (oops I should not have said that but now I have) she is busy as you know with her cartoons and such like, and does do the odd bit of writing.  Halloween is coming up, and we have a new story courtesy of Owner, which I am telling!!  it is soon to be published on and we are proud of it.   Owner also has a talent for going out shopping and coming home with more non essentials than essentials.  today she has dashed out with a small list and I am waiting to check the bag.  I love it.

Final talented para.   Back she comes with at least 4 bags of shopping and on about one of the neighbours down the street seems to be wherever she is.  Now I have listened up before to Owner on about being followed and this is the plan.  Go back out I said, and move your car round the block and see if he moves his car too.  This is Plan A.  What, says Owner will I do if he moves his car.  Has this neighbour nothing better to do I moaned up than traipse round after you?  which to be fair might be quite an interesting time of it, but I did not say that to Owner it would wrack up her anxiety setting.  Plan B is to simply say to him next time he is hovering about:  are you following me?  this I said, to Owner, will shame him into not following you if he is, and not following you if he isn't.  I love it.

Real final talented not following para.  I think Owner said all that to me so I didn't check her shopping and it worked.  I didn't.  Tonight if she is calm enough we may watch Enders but only if there is really nothing else on.  I did wonder up if we could finally watch Frozen OR good Will Hunting only to discover that it is NOT on the list I mean pile of DVDs.  has daughter made off with it?  I dare not bring this to Owner's attention for the moment.  One anxiety ridden thought is enough to be going on with.  Now ruggles and tinkers continue to dart in and out of the catflap and Tinkers does favour the luxury igloo cat bed when she is in the shed.  She dangles out of it like a roman emperor.  I mean.  Now it still is a talented day because listen to this!  Owner did a little sketch of her fave ristorante (Italian of course) and they like it and have kept it for their photo slot!!  this is on facebook good folks out there, so Owner is very proud.   No do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it, and may the talent be with you.  Big love Wonka x