Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Watershed Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Hey up folks, howdy do, docvedanya (sorry Russia) and bon nuit (je pense, je t'dore etc).  Well what a day Owner has had.  did it start alright you all wonder up?  YES.  We got up at the allotted time and despite three or four costume changes (ready for the drama I mean school day) Owner sped off out of it.  Lunch box in the shape of a black and white football? TICK zip up bright cerise jacket in case got cold? TICK sketch pad for those spare moments? TICK.  bye Owner I called after her, and I did question whether we needed the heating on constant specially after my money saving tips of yesterdee.  TOO LATE she was gone and I had to spend all day nestled up to a searing hot radiator.  I love it.

 Watershed para ahoy.  by the by (that is a silly phrase says Owner but I like it) Owner reports once going out with a bloke called Robert who had a bruvver who was in the heating business and he called radiators RADS.  Yes he was from Essex and yes we love it.   Now onto the watershed news of the day.  What happened?  the young man who Owner is supporting happened that is what, and there was a small clash of personalities.  We all know how Owner cannot abide rudeness (except when she is being it!!  it is alright owner did not see or hear that) and will take anyone to task for it.  IS THE LAD STILL ALIVE OWNER I questioned up when she said.  DON'T BE SILLY WONKA she says back, it will be fine in the morning, we have talked it all through.  Blimey, if only I had been there to witness this moment.  In Owner's version all is well and watersheds are necessary.  In my mind I had a good picture of the luxury shed with a gentle water fall over it but Owner says it isn't like that.  I love it.

Many a watershed has to fall para.  I promised you a lovely photoshoot of me and here it is good folks out there all waiting up:
Here I am!! just having a snoozle in a patch of sunnyshine.  That ball thing is a stringy ball which rattles.  Sometimes Owner flings it down the hallway and I rush after it like a small dog.  That carrier is full of more toys all for me and I love them.
Final watershed moment of the day para.  I did get a bit upset reports Owner but (and I quote) I GOT OVER IT. The kitkat, baby choc fingers and choc limes all helped.  Now just to round off this emotional day did Owner have to fit in a double whammy visit.  To aged sibling, who is fine. TICK, and onto aged parent.  Owner says there was singing as she walked in, and it was a duo called THE MIDAS TOUCH.  I loved it goes Owner, and cried through all of the songs especially Nat King Cole (when I fall in love).  Aged parent was singing along and looked the happiest owner has ever seen her.  More tears.  so when she stumbles back in finally with carriers of supplies and a teddy sticking out of her pocket I had to ask, WHERE IS TEDDY from??  he is from aged parent's home and one of the residents knitted him up.  he fits in Owner's coat pocket.  More crying.  she cannot cope with lovely things happening good folks out there all enjoying lovely things (we hope).  Last night we had a bit of a time of it when Owner insisted on looking at an email sent at 10pm.  NO GOOD I murmured up can come of looking at it now Owner, but too late she opened it.  it was all about the expense claim being rejected!  needless to say there followed emails back and phone calls today.  YES it is alrght now, and we can calmly get on with an evenings entertainment thanks to Corrie X 1 and the demise of Peetah and then the Apprentice, with You're Fired Lord Sugah..... now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x