Tuesday, 21 October 2014

What Ho Tuesdee

Wonka here.  The wind as promised has got up.  that combined with a spot of rain does not entice us (love that word entice) to get up in the morn.  Oh and the dark.  As it was Owner slumbered on through many a snooze on the alarm UNTIL..... I spose I'd better make a move she mumbles.  Me? downstairs in position.  Bertie?  he stumbled upstairs last night and had a small coughin fit before settling.  Owner trundles down and then the feeding frenzy commences.  GOODNESS she goes on her way into the pocket hanky kitchen and peeking out the back door window.  THERE IS RUG....And Tinkers!!!!  So it was a full on breakfast,  We love it.

Fresh what ho para.  What is all this What ho business you all shriek up so we can hear you above that wind???  It serves Owner right that when she sleeps in and takes her time does the good phone BRRNG BRING BBBRRRRRing (eventually on the mobile to get her attention) and it is a shout to go to the giant huge massive high school again.  YES I WILL she goes down the phone.  she had only promised to get there for 9am!!  and guess what?  NO that is not it, she would have made it for 9am if she hadn't dillied and dallied with what to put on.  As per, she goes off out in the very outfit I would have said HMMM about if I was asked.  Was I asked?? Not a bit of it.  CHERIO Wonka she calls slamming the good front door.  I love it.

What Ho para and cartoon for you all to look at.  What you all wonder up are we to look at today??  I had a number of ideas for this and here is my choice (Owner said I could choose) just a reminder to all you folks out there what we all look like and such.
There we are!!  and tomorrow if we can manage it I have asked Owner for a nice one of me....there are lots naturellement as I like to say and Sorry France if I have made a spelling mistake.  Though I am sure you would all say De Rien!!!  so on the inside are me and Bertie and we don't go out, NO.  On the outside wanting to come in and stay in are Ruggles and Tinkerbelle.  She is still very fat and Owner is a mite worried.  Don't say I didn't warn you I said from that dark and far away corner in the living room.  I love it.

Final what ho para.  Now here is the good news folks is that for some reason (or the wishing well, or the Universe of Zoltar - one of them) this giant school that is miles away from where we are, want Owner back for the rest of the week and then after half term.  The good side to this is that Owner will save money by (list) 1,  not having time to shop 2.  Being too tired to shop 3. the heating will be on timer and not constant 4.  less swilling back tea and coffee  there may be a 5.  but it escapes me for now.  At the minute Owner is upbeat about this turnaround in her fortunes and I am saying de rien!!!  At the end of the 4 weeks or whatever the sentence I mean contract is for, then is the time to take stock.  Until then I must cheer Owner on.  Even when she falls back through the door and we are all close to starving.  IT IS GROUNDHOG day she moans up when she comes back to the same scenario (like it) as this morn.  Once more Rugglesis is on the doorstep and tinkers on the steps.  yes we love it.

Real final what the ho para. last night as predicted did good and innocent Peetah get found GUILTY rather to quickly for our liking by that jury and Carling black eyebrows has vowed to look into it much to bruverly bruv Rob's dismay.  Well after all good folks he is the Guilty one!!  Roy is still hiding his nerves after the burglary of Roy's Rolls caff and Kylie is still on the tablets.  We watched Enders without taking any of it in apart from noting two new people in it.  One of them is added to the massive family at the Queen Vic as it wasn't big enough and the other is a stall holder.  Tonight if we can cope and not busy ourselves with tomorrow (schools and haircuts) we will be glued to Holbee as we have not seen it for a while and miss the messed up crazed Doctors and nurseys.  Now your lives may be plain sailing out there and all I can say is spare a thought for ours!!  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x