Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Whirligig Wednesdee

Wonka here.  I know it seems ages and ages since we had a nice little cartoon or photee of me.  And there still isn't one!!  Only because Owner not got round to (List) 1.  a new cartoon of me looking drop dead gorgeous or 2.  a decent photoshoot.  am I complaining?  do I feel left out??   So instead guess what there is on offer?  NO it isn't that, you have seen and heard talk of May who is a collie dog and lives with cousin (who Owner stayed with at the weekend).  She is a flighty kind of a dog and left to her own devices I would call it a whirligig dog.  This simply means, one minute she is here on the ground, the next she is there off the ground and bouncing over to there and here and round and round.  Today, Owner felt like she was in a whirl too - so here are a few cartoons of May:
Yes there she is sitting still long enough for Owner to capture!  Owner says she ran up two flights of stairs as if it were a ramp, whilst she was trudging slowly behind.  
What is that you all gasp up!  Owner did a couple of sketches but it was hard because May never hardly settles.  She is a complete whirligig and we love her.
Fresh whirl it para.  so now you all know what I have to put up with because Owner got up on whirligig setting.  In case (you cannot I lectured live your life on an 'in case' basis - yes I was proud to come out with all of that) however, in case, Owner got a phone call from the life saving agency to give her some work she was up at the crack of dawn.  How did we sleep?  DO NOT ASK.  When Owner has been out on the slight razzle plus a glass or two of vino, she then spends a whole night going I CANNOT GET TO SLEEP, and keeping all of us awake too.  it turns out she fell in love with one of the waiters and I said well you can just fall back out.  We cannot afford good folks out there all on the edge of your seats thinking who is this waiter that Owner has cast her eye over, well do not bother, because we cannot afford for Owner to embark on that kind of thing.  We know all about unrequited love in this house!!  and from the description I was able to say he is too handsome, too young and too busy for you Owner!!!  She loves it.
Final head in a whirligig para.  Today she has been here and there plus visiting.  I FEELA BIT FRANTIC she goes when she fell back through the good front door.  She will do these double whammy visits and wonder up at the end of it.  Aged parent is loving her new home, TICK, aged sibling is more or less alright TICK, and Owner is to speed back out in a minute to see her good friend who is living it up at the caravan park (good cartoon to follow tmro).  it is all GO GO GO.  tonight we are not sure what will happen but I have warned Owner not to fall in love again if she can avoid it.  If she spends a more sedate evening, we could enjoy a little bit of Corrie x 1 followed by the bad bake off and it is the semi final.  ~We cannot get too excited over this and that is all we have to say on it.    Good Ruggles spent a nice evening all snug on the car seat in the delux shed and Bertie bubb has popped out of his Narnia cupboard briefly.  To eat and the other.  Now if any of you are in the throws (like it) of a whirligig day I must tell you all to go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x