Saturday, 11 October 2014

Whistle stop Satdee

Wonka here.  Owner has been a busy bee all day long.  it is just as well, I pointed out to her, that we all enjoyed a good night's sleep even though we were up early doors.  WHY OH WHY you all wonder up, are you up so early on a Satdee?  Because dear folk out there all liking your lie ins.  That means laying in which means sleeping in, OR not having to get up.  yes because dear folk Owner had promised daughter she would help out with the putting up of her sheds.  MORE SHEDS.  yes.  We love them.

Whistle while you work para.  So from the word GO it was do this do that check the other and then it was CHERIO WONKA and Bertie, BE GOOD!  As if!!!  I mean I have only had one small scrap with bertie all day and hardly worth a mention.  I did shout to drive carefully and be considerate to other drivers but she didn't hear me above closing the front door.  She has been known to do all the things she accuses other drivers of (list)  such as 1.  driving too close to the car in front.  this is usually because she has lost patience or her temper or both 2. being reckless and overtaking when she really really shouldn't.  I put this down to stress and anxiety and so does she.  3.  swearing and making gestures that could be rude.  Just because she is being carried along in a giant suit of armour aka the car with no name does not excuse this kind of behaviour.  Her worst offence today (she reports) was making these kinds of gestures to the car in front waiting to turn right into busy traffic for what seemed an eternity (to Owner).  I WANTED TO TURN LEFT she moaned up to me, and preferably this year! she moaned some more.  I love it.

Today's whistle stop photoshoot.  Owner is insisting on this cartoon she did of a BYE ELECTION.  I said why Owner, do we want that?  She goes because it was in a place I used to live and I'm glad I'm not still there!!  it seems that a few of these so called politicians all representing different viewpoints (we think) stood up in this Clacton on Sea, to be voted in by the discriminating (OOOHH) public.  So instead of being sensible, the public voted in a newby political party.  Who are? I prompted up in that new and annoying way.  THEY HAVE A SILLY NAME said Owner, that sounds like youkip.  In this good country, folks out there, all enjoying good politicians and such, we have several well known parties and youkip is none of these.
There we are!!  There are good families and such all despairing because their vote has gone to nothing or DE RIEN as I like to say.  Perhaps I said to Owner, we should stand up and get people to vote for us?  We could call ourselves the BIG LOVE party.  Don't be so silly Wonka, goes Owner.  I love it.
Whistle down the wind para.  In between keeping an eye on the news and politics Owner supervised the putting up of Daughter's sheds.  She loves them but daughter who is tired when she trudged home from work (sorry had to use a four letter word there) could only see problems, like Owner not securing a padlock to daughter's specifications.  This, said Owner, is what happens when you are tired.  You only see the dust and the imperfections. RIGHT I goes back, ready to agree with the most outlandish thing as I am starving and Bertie who is always peckish said he was starving too.  Tinkers was fed on Owner's whistle stop feeding frenzy when she returned and Rug is yet to turn up demanding his tea time.  There has barely been time to say how's your father in this house!!  And tonight we will be transfixed by one reality dancing show after one reality singing show.  I wish, goes Owner, they could be more natural.  But. I droned, that is the point to these things surely, with Simon De Ghoul I mean Cowell - he must say funny things or we would turn over.  if, we are still up to it later on, we will try to catch Casualtee but it will be very sad with funerals of Jeff who blew up last episode.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x