Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Wicked Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Yes we all trolled up in time even though Owner slept through several snoozes.  IN THE OLD DAYS she droned, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz YES! I am listening I says, with one eye open and one eye shut.  IN THE OLD DAYS, she carried on, the alarm went off BBBBBRRRRIIIINNNGGG like that and you had to get up.  There was NO snooze.  I am weighing it up good folks out there all waking up gently perhaps to the soothing murmur of the radio or someone going to you (softly) time to get up now!  I often wonder if I prefer a snoozle system to the barbaric ringing noise all in the oncer.  And it has to be the snoozle system as we can all sleep on through it.  I love it.

Wicked wicster para.  What is all this you gasp. Owner and wicked in the same sentence.  We are using the word loosely, she tells me (it was her suggestion and I agreed as I am starving for my tea time) it could mean nice things as opposed to enjoying yourself when you shouldn't.  AS IF I countered (proud of this expression.  yes).  Well anycase, did the phone ring at 7 30 am from the good agency to say they were not sure Owner was needed and then rang back 5 mins later to say she was.  Luckily she had not (list) 1.  gone back to bed 2.  took her make up off - this would not happen though, as in a dire emergency Owner would pop some lipstick on at least and if time and the house were only half on fire, a little mascara.  So we were safe from starvation as Owner did go to work.  The wicked world of work she trilled, rushing out of the door.   I love it.

Wicked cartoon para.  so for today is a little glimpse of what Owner is sometimes up against,  Not today as she reported she was and I quote 'pleasantly surprised' by the behaviour, and she goes, they even got on with their work.  Must be something in the water I suggested.
There she is!  Leading from the front and as you can see, some of them are listening up...and some of them aren't.  but this was the other week not today and it still didn't touch the sides as Owner likes to describe it.  Meaning?  I prompted up in that new and annoying way.  Meaning, she says back, I can cope with that kind of behaviour.  She loves it.
Final wicked para of the day.  On top of doing a little bit of work and shopping, doing a few household tasks, catching up with aged parent and sibling, doing a bit or writing and sketching does she tell me she is tired.  I AM WORN OUT she moans up.  I mean!  I can tell you all about worn out if you want!  chasing and checking on Bertie, keeping a watch on the back yard, playing with my mouseys.  Yes.  Now last night we got by on a little bit of dark and darker Enders where all are busy being nasty to each other and much worse (there is no light and shade goes Owner, not like with Corrie.  OH I says back).  then we half watched Holbee where one of the trainee doctors with a funny name like Sotchi or something like it, well she can do what she likes because her Dad runs the hospital. This is not fair and we love it.  The rest of the night passed in Owner preparing for today.  tonight we can calm down as there has been no phone call asking Owner to go anywhere, and watch Corrie x 1 and Liz has been dumped by thingy and is upset.  She says no one, no one, tells her what to do.  Then we may watch the bad bake off final if Owner can stay awake or is not trapped in the kitchen with Ruggles.  I know.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x