Saturday, 22 November 2014

A day in the life Satdee

Wonka here:
OOOH you all say in wonderupment!  YES that is all of us at the mo.  Owner is often to be found in a trance going from one room to another but there she is!!  in with Tallulah Diva and those naughty eyes open kits.  I HAVE MADE THEM MORE COMFY she goes to me at some point this morn.  she only moved them all back into their first nest, the box, and then has wedged this in the corner where Mummy Tinkers carried them all and where they have been nicely camped out.  WHY I questioned up. have you moved them like that.  It is to do with (list) 1.  they are now frolicking and gambolling about a bit and Owner is afeared they will get into mischief so the BOX is like a pen, to keep them in.  2.  Their eyes are open and so they can see where to head for - like Mummy when she pops out for a breather.  3.  Owner thinks it is more comfy for them.  they are all cheeping like chicks in that corner.   so that is KITWIT update for now.  onto the next room across from Tinker's en suite is Owner's sanctuary.  At the mo (like this expression.  sorry. pardon) there is no one else hiding under the bed or in the cupboard and we mean of a cat like nature not a pesky Viking.  If there is a pesky Viking lurking about I would know.  Down below the good living room is also a CAT FREE ZONE and then we move into the dining room my main residence and Bertie bubb and there he is heading into the Narnia cupboard with me checking on him.  In the kitchen?  is Ruggles new domain.  He loves it.  We love it and I have not scrapped with anyone so far today.x
Final day in the life para.  Owner suggested doing a new feature called A DAY IN THE LIFE for our reader and said what about Ruggles to start off with.  I said it would all be over in a couple of sentences.  Came in, ate some food, jumped up on his special pilly and pad on the linen box, asked to go out, came back, ate something and repeat the first verse.  JUST A THOUGHT she went back to me. Today Owner has managed a double shop in both supermarkets that she doesn't like.  AND with that horrid assistant who she cannot abide.  Then it was a trip to aged parent who was in a lovely mood, had forgotten all about the kitwits and when Owner bought her new and best pink bag but scored highly by NOT telling Owner how tired, old, over worked she was. Tonight we are glued to Strictly and our faves are doing a Samba!  then quickly over to the Hex Factor and we only need to turn over when that singer comes on who Owner cannot abide.....Is there anyone you all wonder up who Owner CAN ABIDE!!  They know who they are folks.  Tomorrow we are expecting visitors and it is my best Aunty that is Owner's daughter and grandson.  The fridge is jam packed with enough bits and bobs to feed the street and the Tiger loaf is massive.  I am praying it does not topple out of its prison, the cupboard just above where Ruggles is.  it could easily fell him.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x