Sunday, 30 November 2014

Advent Sundee

Wonka here.  Just a small tale tonight (or should that be tail!!  soz Bertie Bubb - he has a short tail but rugglesis tail is the shortest as it is a stump.  soz rug). We are the day before December and Owner keeps mentioning Joe's Christmas story and using that for our advent.  do you mean I goes up to her, one of your best illustrations per day ALL DECEMBER??  Yes, she goes back.  YOU WILL SPOIL OUR READER I says up, because good folk/s I have had a glimpse of these illustrations and they are going to be in Wonka Presents!!!  Joe's Christmas story................  a special treat for you with love from me and Owner to you.xx

Advent ahoy cartoon and para:
There we are!! our little candle of hope and dreams for all of you out there in the Wold coming up to the good day itself.  And as our hero Charles Dickens said - let us all have a little bit of Christmas in our hearts all the year round - and if he didn't say that he said something very like it and we......LOVE IT!!
Final advent para.  I do hope like me and Owner you have had a peaceful day.  The only poor thing to happen was when the good delivery man from that supermarket that says it is helping, well he turns up with FIVE substitutes for what Owner had ordered six of.  IT CAN ALL GO BACK says Owner flouncing round the hall at least it sounded like that from under the bed where I had quickly gone.  how was I to know it was the ***** man and not those pesky Vikings???  After one of those phone calls where the person on the other end just keeps saying they are sorry and Owner says it is not good enough, calm was restored.  I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER she drones to me when I was trying to get some zzzzzzzzzzz, than order a home delivery to save me time.  I did say to her that I had warned on this very incident but she didn't hear me above checking on the Boolleys.  They are all scampering about now.  yes.  Now tonight it is Strictly results and it is hex Factor results and WHO yes WHO is out of the running.....we predict Sunetra from the dancing and our best Ben or Andrea who can both sing which means they are for it.  Then it is creepy time ahoy with 'remember me' which is to do with Scarborough!!!  do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it as the new week is upon us and it is doubly new because it is December too(I am a poet!!) Big Love Wonka x