Saturday, 1 November 2014

All Hallows Eve Fridee

Wonka here.  and to start us of nicely, here I am on one of Owner's illustrations for my story:
There we are!!  From the wonderful and ghostly story within Wonka's Halloween Story!!(free to read on just search using my name #wonka OR the title of the story,  yes, So in this sketch we have ratty with the light up eyes at the front, and behind him is the pumpkin money box that belongs to Owner's grandson for ever and a day.  There are cobwebs and witches hats and all sorts.    And because it is the spookiest night of the year when the veil is thin and the good spirits can criss cross over if they like, I am telling Owner to show you our humble window dressing!!

Isn't it the tops!!  we love our light up ghostie and he goes into three colours!  You can make out Ratty with his red eyes to the left and to the right a treasure chest full of spooky sweets!  how horrible is that??  And to make sure we have plenty of supplies for all those trick or treaters.............

Just the job!  just don't tell our new dentist OR the old one..........

All hallows eve para.  Owner has reported the first little trick or treater dressed up as a swell black cat!  she has bobbed off with a hatful of said sweets and no tricks so far in.  Now today Owner drove over to see daughter and help out.  Did you have a good day out I enquired nicely as soon as she crawled back in laden with our supplies.  I am happy to report a full on essential shop TICK.  I am in love with Daughter' sheds, she goes back when she could breath again.  That cat concrete I mean litter is getting heavier by the day!!  it turns out daughter has painted the sheds and now Owner is thinking of doing the same.  WHO I goes up, will be doing all the hard work?  NOT ME she says back.  Well I have put in a prayer to the God of handypeople for a painter to turn up and do a good job while he/she is at it.  NO MORE DRILLING has been heard from next door and our newby Mr High Viz neighbour and we are extremely grateful.  We may love him. I said may.

Final ghostly all hallows eve para.  Now last night did good ruggles stop over.  Until the middle of the night when he thought he might go out.  MY LIFE goes Owner in the morning.  I did say don't come crying to me but I whispered it after I had my breakfast.  I mean.  Tinkers is living on the steps or under the bench in the daytime and tinkling about in the night.  Again, I rest my paws and everything.  She is a little dreamboat though.  With a fat tummy  Owner's daughter has consulted the good internet on fat cats and if I said if, it is a parcel load of kitwits we are in trubble.  I will of course keep you all posted.  Now tonight, trick or treaters permitting, we are ready for a double dose of Corrie X 2 and the demise of Tracee at her own wedding.  We love it!! There are plenty of spirits in Enders, in the Queen vic!!!  just my little joke good folks out there wondering what spirits there could possible be in that miserable old soap opera now that evil Nick is lurking in the shadows and Dot will have a heart attack.  Someone has given Stacee a bigger part and we say Why?  She can only act one part and it is with the same expression.  Now we must away as Rug is in the kitchen and I might want a snack.  Bertie bubb is safe in his Narnia lair.  The weekend is here so do go steady on this night of nights good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x