Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Armistice Day Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Owner says that at eleven o clock, as she stood with the class at her fave school, did the bell ring to bring everyone to a minutes silence.  WE ALL REMEBERED she reports up.  Marvellous I says back, hoping that me, Bertie and Tinkers not to mention Ruggles remembered to do the same.  Sorry everyone if we were zzzzzz, or eating (Bertie). feeding the famous four (tinkerbooley) or scouting about over the racetrack aka our street (ruggles).   Do I have black rings round my eyes goes Owner to me when she flew in the good front door later on in the day.... Now we all know the answer to that is NO not a bit of it Owner, you look beauty, gorgeous, not a day over etc, but to tell the truth good folks, all this zipping about and worrywarting and keeping us all in food and drink, well she does need that resting up.  So tonight I have insisted that she relaxes with a little glass of vino (Merlot is her fave) and watches Masterchef.  There is nothing I droned, DE RIEN more relaxing that watching other people get frazzled and hot. (and told off by good Marcus!!)  I love it.

Armistice para and good photoshoot:  here follows a letter Owner received from the good British legion. Percy and George and Michael who all fought and died in the World War 1, are now remembered with a cross bearing all their names.  We love them.....
There we are!!  The flanders field poppy is now planted in Ypres which we know all the good soldiers called 'wipers'.  God bless you all, the fallen. x
Armistice final para:  first off, when Owner was up and gradually getting used to the new day did the phone go BBBRRRRNNNG but it was the mobile and not her beloved consultant.  DO YOU WANT A DAY AT  ***** IN *****. OH says Owner, I would rather not.....and listen up good folks all shaking your heads and saying she must not turn down a day's cruel work in a really demanding school....did the proper phone ring and it was the nice consultant with a nice days work in the School that Owner does love.  LESSON for today to echo the words of Curtis Mayfield folks, is to 'take nothing less than the second best!' and make if First best if poss.  so when she flew back in like a spinning top ready for more action I says (just checking) HAVE YOU UPSET anyone Owner by accident?? (I whispered the last bit but you all recall her terrible blocking experience at the hands of a Very Important Person (VIP).  NO she reports back (TICK) plus, she continued on, and I quote, I worked with this lad and eventually won him round.  What, I said up nicely, tipped the balance Owner?  Rowntrees Fruit Pastels she says!!  I love them.  So tonight after another round of checking up on the kitwits - and there is a beauty cartoon in the pipeline - we will be soldered to the settee!!  We loved Corrie last night and Peetah cannot win Carling black eyebrows back.  yet.  he is not one to give up though.  A bit like my bestest Owner.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x