Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Check it out Wednesdee

Wonka here.  all was going so well.....and it always happens when Owner is tired out and cannot take in simple information.  WHAT IS THIS RUBBISH she starts up when she opens up a letter and tries to read it without her glasses on.  GODFATHERS she goes next. All it is folks is one of those silly old forms that you have to keep filling in until you tip over into a grave OR those flames and disappear into the sky.  sorry anyone that is happening to, and we all know it is just so we can rise again in the next room where, I am told there are no annoying forms to fill out.  What did Owner then do you all wish to know??  This always means trouble.  it means emails to agencies saying things like I AM NOT... and PLEASE ADVISE.  After she has been fed and watered it will all seem different and doable.  I love it.

Nice cartoon of Tinkers for you to check out para:

There she is!! snatching a quick drink of cat milk.  She is the only one out of all of us who likes it.  And we love her..... there will be more on her and the famous four soon.

Check it out now funk soul brother para.  Is she alright yet you ask up??  I am pleased to report a slight improvement and the positive side to all of this (HUGE TICK) is that she has moved from high anxiety setting about kittens and mummys to stressed out due to bureaucracy setting!  (that was a very  hard word to spell and I refuse to use it again.. Owner says in future call it 'red tape'0.  Now it will be short story from me tonight thanks to all the new checking I MUST DO.  A quick peek at Bertie here, a little hiss at Ruggles there alright I did a giant hiss last night and made Owner sit up and take notice!!  NO WONKA she shouts up.  Now Tinkerboolly has developed a snuffling noise that has wracked up Owner's worriment.  she always goes straight to the worst case scenario when Me?  I say, sit it out, see what happens, and throw a parcel of money at the Wishing Well.  I love it.

Final checked to check para:  here's a thing good folks out there all worrying about how Owner is shaking down with the new students.  all continues well and for some strange reason they like her!!  tonight we must watch corrie times one and see how good Peetah will make amends with the street.   And we do love Cilla, that is Chesney and Fizzes Mum she is the tops.  Then there is Materchef and if Owner is still awake, the apprentice!!! Relax Owner I keep saying, after she has fed us, changed the luxury trays, checked on the luxury shed for any new occupants and seen to Mummy Tinkers.  I mean.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love wonka x