Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Chemical Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Owner nearly slept in but didn't.  HAVE I SLEPT IN, she shouts up but I was already down below and Bertie could not say one way or another.  When she stumbles downstairs and spies the time she can breath easy.  ~She slept up to the first SNOOZLE.  After that is was the usual nonstop feeding frenzy and doing all those jobs that she used to do in the daytime.  Now she is working full time folks out there all hard at it, there is no time to do anything.  CAN I COPE she asks the Universe and the Universe says YES YOU CAN Owner!!  one day at a time is my fave saying and I am saying it now.  I love it.

Fresh chemical as you like para.  yesterdee was scientific and today we are still on with it.  the chemistry lesson often descends into warnings and poor behaviour says Owner, but today, due to some clever thinking by the Teacher and some forward nagging by Owner, the class mostly cracked on with it all.  As per, and this is a lesson for life as well, drones Owner to me later on, IT IS A FEW PEOPLE that spoil it.  And these few people get a thing called negative attention!!  AND SO, Owner droned on some more, I made a point of going round the ones who were working hard!!  OH I says back desperate for my teatime.  I mean I made do with a few biscuits through the day but I was pretty well starving.  Plus I tried to hide the letter that had come from the window cleaning business demanding a payment of £3 that Owner had faithfully paid up 2 seconds after the windows were cleaned.  I blame it on those pesky Vikings as I swear it was them outside last week.  Luckily Owner is in a fairly come day go day mood and did not shout or swear.  I love it.

Chemical reactions para.  Today's good cartoon is of an equation because they turn up everywhere and probably are the answer to life itself.  You will recall Owner's lesson all about volts and currents and resistance the other day?  here is her good cartoon on it.  If, it were cats....
There we are!  I think it makes better sense with us felines.  if this equals that over that and times the other.......  We love it.
Final chemical is good para.    Today Owner reports a thick fog and suddenly on the drive over the hills to work did the Sun burst through the mist and it looked like the mist was hovering above the fields.  All the trees are golden and those gorgeous autumn colours too.   HOW POETICAL I says trying hard to imagine this beauty morning.  It nearly made it all worth it she went on.  And good folks, we are approaching a massive yes huge full moon so do go extra careful out there.  Between that and bonfire night, Owner is doing her best to keep us all snug and calm.  Tinkers is still hopping around the back yard and the luxury shed and Rug is fast asleep on the linen basket.  Bertie Bubb when I last checked on him and got pulled back by Owner saying (and I quote)  HE does not need to see your big fat face Wonka!!!  well he is alright too.  Now last night span by with more of those essential jobs that Owner keeps finding.  She sat down for Corrie though and watched Tracee go to her murdering fiancée Rob and promise to run away with him!!  We could not watch Enders now Staycee is in nearly every storyline and may not watch it tonight BUT Masterchef is back and that nice Marcus Waring who is known for being a tad sharp is now in it.  What about John and Gregg you all gasp up?  We cannot know.  Now remember remember the fifth of November is nearly upon us so Do go steady out there in the Wold good Folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x