Friday, 14 November 2014

Children in Need Fridee!

Wonka here:
Here is the Pudsey Bear!!  famous for fronting the money raising Children in Need day.  and all the money raised from this day goes to children's charities - and it helps children everywhere not just in the good UK folks.  Owner has had the Pudsey Bear above since her aged parent Mum went into hospital for the first big operation.  Owner purchased the little bear from the hospital shop and presented to her Mum to cheer her up.  'I don't like that' goes aged parent the minute she set eyes on it. OH goes Owner - so now Pudsey lives on the passenger seat of whatever car Owner is driving at top speed, and of course it is the car with no name.  Before that it was the Skylark and before that it was the Chariot.  it turns out that Pudsey Bear is named after the place where the creator of the idea lived and where her grandparents lived.  Owner has found some facts out due to being in a learning environment and as she says, she picks up new knowledge whether she likes it or not (like electromagnetic waves.  yes.)  Children in need started off in 1980, is fronted by Sir Terry Wogan who we love and has raised millions.  We love it.
Fresh and needy para.  today Owner whisked off to the same school and got through another day supporting here and helping there.  and that is just the staff!!  my little joke folks.  As you know I do like Owner to be gainfully occupied and earning some money.  it cuts down on all that non essential buying as luckily there are no proper shops near to where Owner is all day long, and the supermarket that she whips to in her lunch break DOES NOT SELL CLOTHES.  I may write to them to express my gratitude.  and she is too worn out at the end of the day to do anything else but come home to all of us.  How are we you all shout up with interest??  Bertie bubb came out of hiding briefly to eat and go to the other, Ruggles was lurking near to the back door and fairly flew in when Owner opened it to trek to the luxury shed.  I greeted Owner as per, by gazing lovingly at her through the double glazed bay window.  Tinkerboolley is eating best sheba and the kitwits are all rolling around each other and cuddling up.  They look gorgeous beyond gorgeous reports Owner.  especially little beau.  The cadpig is fine too and we cannot believe it is now a week ago that they were all born in the lowly shed.  We love them.
Final needs must para.  this week folks has been a full on week with no messing and Owner is more than ready for her two days off.  it all starts here, with a nice crunchie bar and a glass of the red vino whilst glued to a bit of Beeb one (children in need fest) and a bit of Corrie.  it has light and shade in it drones Owner.  It has love interest, bullying, murders, hairdressing, and people eating and drinking.  Who could ask for anything more.  We forgot last night it was the return of a very frightening drama called The Fall.   You know how I have these worries about those pesky Vikings out there and what to do well Owner seemed to watch it with no fear at all.  IT IS JUST MADE UP Wonka she goes to me, so I says, WHY then, are you putting all these lights on and checking the doors are locked???  But she didn't hear me above checking in the second Narnia cupboard upstairs.  it is no use checking under the bed because that is my job, and the only thing under the bed is an inch of dust and me sometimes.  now the weekend is here so do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x