Sunday, 9 November 2014

Fallen Sundee

Wonka here.  Here follows our tribute to all those wherever they were and all being so brave for their countries.  With respect to all men and all creatures, we will remember them.  X
Owner has put Percy Perry front left and to his side on the right, George Smith, both Great Uncles.  They were both so young, too young to die and too young to have to be so brave.  Owner also wants to mention a Michael Masterson from the Royal Dublin fusiliers.  but we especially want to remember that in the end, and as Edith Cavell famously said - 'I realise that patriotism is not enough.  I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone'.  she was a British Nurse who saved lives without distinction and who was shot by a firing squad on October 12, 1915.  If we can half live up to that message, says Owner, we are achieving a compassionate and humane World.  I love it. xx
Fallen but never forgotten para.  Owner observed the two minute silence and wondered how the Queen was bearing up not to mention Prince Phillip.  she is older than Mum, goes Owner with admiration.  And Prince Phillip is in his nineties.  We cannot imagine the remembrance service without them and if anything sums our country up it is the Royal Family.  Like them or not like them, they have given us continuity and stability drones Owner.  I was half listening I admit, as there is a lot to listen to and check on in this home.  Owner says my behaviour has been and I quote: exemplary.  After I had looked it up in the dictionary, I agreed with her, I have been outstandingly good if I say it myself.  I have only put my head in the Narnia cupboard a couple of times and goodness me, but Owner has moved things around and he is now able to hide in the big cat carrier.  Which is rather handy I said to Owner, if you want to whisk him off to the vets again for no reason! alright I didn't say it I whispered it from my dark corner in the living room.  I have said good morning and such like to Tinkers who bobs down to do her ablutions then bobs back upstairs to her luxury apartment.  Ruggles is basking in the 100 degree heat of the pocket hanky kitchen and me?  still in my amazon box and loving it.  Loving it!
Final last post for this day.  Owner has been very good today and when she went out to inspect the luxury shed she walked past Baba's buddleia and Little Mouse's resting place.  she noted that there are some white Chrysanthemums (daisy flowery things) out nearby and the forsythia too, which is yellow.  Life goes on, things die down and spring up again she droned when she came back in. Now due to this emotional day yesterdee I have let her off with several non essential items.  She rushed off out to the shops saying it was for more supplies but fell back in with two shoe boxes.  I HAD TO BUY BOTH she tells me and luckily for her the good assistant gave her a 20% discount on them - on each of them.  I LIKE THAT BIT I says up, but what is this in the other bag.  three yes three items of clothing, two of which Owner must have had a small memory loss when she bought them thinking she was a good twenty years older than she is.  BUT, we liked the leggings and she can keep them.  All in all a better day.  Tinkers is fine, the famous four are snug as you like and Owner's anxiety setting is re adjusting daily.  What will this new week bring?  Let us hope for the best good folks.  Tonight we are glued to the results and hope for Simon to get to Blackpool as we love him and Kristina in the strictly dancing and on the hex factor?  It is Haenow Haenow (Ben) for our munny.   So do go steady good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it and big love for the week ahead.  Love and peace on this special centenary day, one hundred years on.  We will remember them. x