Friday, 7 November 2014

Famous Five Fridee

Wonka here.  Can you imagine dear folks out there in the Wold all praising be that it is Fridee, how we are shaping up in this house stroke maison!!??  without further ado some photoshoots of the famous five for you all:
There we are!!!  Can you see how they all shaped up!!! Where is Cadpig you all shout up impatient to know......He is in the above photoshoot nearest to us with the white diamond on his or her back.  the tiniest one possibly to be named Mo, is the next one up and is a total ginger top.  There are two all over ginger tops, and two ginger and white ones who are the biggest!  After surviving laying on the luxury carpet in the shed little Cadpig is a biggie!!  And he cuddles up with the one most like him or her too.  and then there is the dark one....  Owner said if I behave myself (me??  Moi??) I can have another look.  Tinker booley has been downstairs and straightback up to the kitwits and gave me a small hiss of welcome.  Bertie is bemused by the extra cat.  but, it is alright he is in the Narnia cupboard and all is well in his wold.  Ruggles top is even now nestled on his linen box on his pilly.  The door has been left open to the kitchen from the dining room and so far I have been extra good and not done anything.  As if.   Owner rushed back home from her second day at the school she likes and a cleaning frenzy ensued (like it).  Everything I can tell you, has been washed within an inch of its woolly. pretend woolly or cotton life.  I love it.  The entire maison chez nous smells of comfort.
Final famous five para.  Owner has been hard at it this week even by her standards and come out the other side in good spirits.  Saving little Cadpig had an effect.  It was a miracle.  And I agree, it was.  Now Owner has been so busy it is a wonder we have all been looked after as well as we have and I did say to Owner when she stopped for two seconds, gazing into space, saying WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO Wonka?  I did say, are you going to relax and watch Corrie X 2 and count your blessings?  Corrie coughed up a fab storyline with murderous bruverly bruv Rob being dubbed or dobbed in by Tracee who as we all know does not grass people up.  No.  He ended up in those cufflinks or handcuffs or such with Tracee weeping in the background.We watched 3 or 4 mins of Enders and can report that evil Nick was sitting on Dot's settee fully resurrected from the grave and it was nothing, DE RIEN to do with any life saving massage!   Now you will understand good folks that I have my paws full with so many to check on.  Daughter text Owner and has done a feline count.  it is around nine ish. What with the famous five and all.  Prayers a plenty have gone up and the wishing well is working round the clock!  We are at the weekend good folks and that moon looked very bright and full to me when I was up in the night checking on things.  So do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x