Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Fireworks Wednesdee!

Wonka here.  This photoshoot, from August fireworks on Plymouth sound is our offering and SUMS UP TODAY!!
There we are!!  When Owner joined up with her friends on Plymouth sound.  It was spectacular says Owner, and this a big compliment as Owner does not like fireworks.  NO.  ~We are even now keeping a watch out for Ruggles who is still outside.  Tinkers is under the bench in the good back yard and is a fat as you can be.   There must be kitwits in that tummy goes Owner and I can only agree good folks.  IT WILL BE OUR LUCK IF SHE HAS THEM TONIGHT Owner says mournfully.  What with fireworks and full moons, she may have something.  I sort of love it.  je pense.  And it will not be De Rien!!
Fresh full of fireworks para.  Owner comes back early.  complete with bulbfibre, cat trays, and more supplies.  WHY? I says suspiciously (Like it) ARE YOU HOME EARLY??  and when I heard the answer I says YOU HAVEN'T.... but she has.   she has left the job and our only chance of staying afloat and not starving.  I COULD NOT STAND ANYMORE RUDENESS AND POOR behaviour she chants up.   it is all about being valued and respected good folks out there all going around being polite and professional with each other.  I have already suggested throwing several coins into the wishing well, saying a giant prayer to the Universe and maybe another prayer up to the God of Employment opportunities.  IT IS A SHAME drones Owner, (quote) because I quite liked the school and most of the students.  You are telling me I whispered back from dark corner in the living room.  But she is my best Owner and must not feel horrid.  I love her.
Final firework para.  So fireworks at work and more at home we think... and here is a funny thing for today.  When Owner pops out to do her double whammy visits and sees aged parent, who was having a sherry and a far better time of it than she was - well aged parent remembered the exact address of where she used to live in the same place as Owner WAS working.  And, aged parent went to school there too.  Coincidence or what!!  Very strange.  Even stranger I says, that you are no longer there! but she didn't hear me above trotting out to the back with the cat tray (for Tinkers) and the bulb fibre (for my grass to grow in).  Now yesterdee I only went in the Narnia cupboard and found a nice shelf to lay on!!  WONKA! goes Owner when she heard me scraping and moving around in there.  Bertie bubb hardly noticed and I must say it is quite cosy in there.  Tonight we are on with Corrie X 1 and whatever else falls across the screen.  Anything to stop Owner falling into the pit of despair - is that from that funny book called Pilgrims Progress which Owner was forced to read at School?  Well Owner is NOT to go there.  We are on Ruggles watch and Tinkerbooley watch and we will tell you ASAP if there is an increase in us felines.  Now do go especially steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it, and if you are near fireworks.  DO REMEMBER your best pets!!  Big Love Wonka x