Monday, 10 November 2014

Greek Mundee

Wonka here.  As you know we are all of us very busy bees at the minute, checking on this, being anxious about that, trying on new shoes here, and how's your father.  All has sped up in Owner's life and she will keep saying THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE Wonka!  Tell me about it! If she is not busy when she is awake she is busy dreaming when asleep.  NOW WHAT I goes up first thing this dark and chilly old morn....  She reports telling these three women where to get off (OH NO I thought) and she was going to work on a Mundee and people were yawning.  and another bit there is some flour.  WHAT KIND I ventured up, wanting to seem interested when really good folks I could have done with a few more zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  THE KIND YOU COOK WITH she goes to me.  Food always means the basics of life and flour is pretty basic, I mean you make bread with it.  I says, perhaps it means you are being given the ingredients you need in your life.  I love it.

Fresh and greekish para.  Yes Owner had another BRNNGG BRRRRRng from her good consultant to go to the same school for the day and this time, she was prepared up.  No flinging clothes around saying how ugly she looks in this and how fat in that.  YOU LOOK BEAUTY I droned on to spur her into action and not fall behind.  And it turns out the very first lesson was all about PYTHAGORAS theorem which she had to spell on the whiteboard and got it wrong.  This chappie we think is Greek and sorry Greece if he isn't but his theorem was all about angles.  Well it would be because all these Greeks did all day long in their spare time was draw triangles in the sand and say I WONDER HOW TO WORK OUT THE LONGEST SIDE?? to their greek friends.  And luckily Pythagoras worked it out.  It is square square add square root.  Did they get it I said to show Owner I was still awake.  YES she says to me, unpacking millions of cat food and a couple of things for her to eat.  I love it.

Fresh para not about Greeks or theorems.  Today's good cartoon is to show you what Owner saw the other day, Satdee, when she saw Sammy Dog.
There we are!!  This is Owner's desk where she does a lot of writing (in that spare time!) and to the left is a card of Marilyn Munro, in front is a tiny Eiffel tower (that Daughter brought back from France when she was ten or thereabouts) and centre is a card of a peasant boy laying in the sunnyshine and on the right is ....a mouse on a mouse mat.  Overlooking it all as you can now see, is the porcelain figure of a dog, and sometimes it is Sam.  We love it.

Final all greek to me para.  Tinkers is fine and the kitwits, that is Cadpig, Beau, Monkey and Marmalade are all cheeping away in their snuggerooni box.  Ruggles has taken up residence in the pocket hanky kitchen and Bertie Bubb in his new lair, the cat carrier.  Me?  thanks for asking, I am alright in my basket, under the bed, in the dark corner, crushed up to a red hot radiator OR in my amazon box.  Owner enjoyed a little bit of telly last night and said this is terrible when a good singer got voted off the hex factor.  WOE.  That is the public for you I says, they are as fickle as you like.  BUT our faves, Simon and Kristina will be doing the tango in Blackpool next Satdee.  Anton and Judee Murray will be doing something too but we are not sure if it is dancing....  Tonight we will cuddle up to Corrie x 2 and the good release of Peetah back into the wild of the street.  Will Carling black eyebrows be alright?  Will his lad Simon??  it is all to watch for.  the last of Downhill Abbey was duly watched and it has happened again!!  An innocent as the day is long person is arrested for murdah!!!!  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x