Sunday, 16 November 2014

Homely Sundee

Wonka here.  ~Guess who woke Owner up?  NO that is not it.  It was tinkerboolley.  she is fed round the clock as it is, so yes, I was a tiny bit put out.  who is top cat round here???  You don't need to answer that folks out there all ready to shout out YOU ARE Wonka!  then it was the usual frenzy of feeding changing feeding sweeping up random bits of minute white litter.  Who invented it so that a mere brush of the paw scatters it far and wide??  And  if Tinkers was dangling about in the dining room once and playing with my best catnip mousey she was there a millions times over.  Bertie doesn't understand toys so that is alright.  I saw him look at the fish catnip toy once.  anyways, I said to Owner very loudly, I said WHY NOT GET TINKERS HER OWN CATNIP TOY??  then I heard her say, Wonka!  shall I get Tinkers a mousey like yours.  I rest my paws and everything.  I love it.

Fresh and homely para.  We do love it now that Owner is slaving away all week to keep us in toys and food, when she is home and can see to us all even more.  We are on slight tenterhooks this good morn though.  HOW SO you all wonder up?  We are even now waiting for the poor delivery man from the other supermarket that Owner does not like.  it is a home delivery to help Owner not put her back out lugging home the concrete I mean cat litter, and all those pouch boxes.  it means, she will be able to shop for her own food really.  BUT, where is the delivery??  I PAID OVER THE ODDS she drones up, for this slot!! When it did arrive he, the delivery man announces straight off THERE ARE no black sax.  OH goes Owner, (quote) I needed them.  not thank you very much Mr Delivery Man I can manage... I  did whisper up Owner that it wasn't the end of the Wold but for some reason she decided this was A LAST STRAW.  Luckily, the email she was hammering out to the supermarket online service that must live somewhere in the sky, the internet at our end lost the connection.  and the email.  More shouting until she looks round and there I am sitting patient and calm as you like.  I do like to be a role model for Owner especially when she is on stressed out setting.  SORRY Wonka she says, and after that there was no more talk about black sax being anything but a silly old slip up.  and after she had slaved away putting all the cat food and luxury litter away, we were right as rain!  I love it.

Homely cartoon para.  Now a while ago I did mention that I had inspected the Narnia cupboard as a possible hide out for myself.  There is a spare shelf in there, as yet clear of all those mysterious items that we must have and hold onto for years on end, but which stay in their allotted place and on their shelf in the Narnia cupboard. 
There we all are!  that is Bertie squashed down on the floor at the left hand side and then there is a trolley with things on it and under it and above it there are shelves of books and Lordy there is the blue monster parked to the right hand side near to best mousey.  Me?  thanks for asking, I am perched on the spare shelf on the right hand side and there is Owner going Wonka!  And if you look very closely you can see our Wishing Well high up and bulging with all those wishes and dreams.  and so far folks, it is busy answering them all.  I love it.
Final homely para.  Why, I ventured up, are we watching Titanic for the nghbnteenth time Owner??  I love this film, since I first saw it one Christmas when I lived in Berkeley Street, she droned.  I lay on the settee with all the cats and Diva (dog, now in the next room that is heaven with St Francis) and cried at the end.  This afternoon when she fell back in from (list) 1,  swimming 2. shopping 3 more shopping, she goes I AM WORN OUT and going to rest up on the settee with the Sundee paper.  Well that must be a new word I goes, for closing your eyes and nodding off then!  Several times I says, OWNER! OWNER! because it was near to tea time and I was starving never mind Bertie Bubb, Ruggles and tinkerbooley upstairs but she never moved once.  Finally when I had given up and was about to employ (like this use of word) new and scratchy tactics she came to.  I love it.
Real final homely para.  Announcement!!  Tinkers has moved all the kitwits one by one starting with Monkey and ending with The Cadpig to a dark corner in the bedroom that funnily enough Baba used to favour.  This has meant endless checking by Owner to keep counting them and say yes they are all moved.  They are one week and three days old I droned to show interest.  Now last night we loved Strictly and especially Simon and Kristina who did an argentine tango to go mad for.  They are top of the board reports Owner who suddenly switched over from the Hex Factor as someone called Fleur (which means Flower in France but we still don't like her.  Sorry France.  She is from England though) was singing this jazzy number that got right on her nerves.  Will our fave Ben Haenow haenow go through??  and then if we can stand it there is an ant and dec thingy in the jungle.  I say leave it behind us this year Owner, and use the time more constructively like feeding us and changing bedding and such like.   Now another week is upon us whether we want it or not.  perhaps Owner will trot off back to the same school and perhaps a different one.  it is all to play for.  I haven't said anything to Owner about her submission to the publisher and I'm not going to.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x