Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Intensified Wednesdee

Wonka here.  What! you all wonder up could be so intense it is intensified and the answer to this equation is OWNER'S life AT THE follows the terrible night when Owner was on the wrong side of the bedroom door with the bad lock.
Here we are!  there is Owner late at night, was it only last week she gasps up? when she got herself in a locked in situation.  Can you see the trusty fork that got her out of it??  There is Tinkers and the boolleys all happy as larks and not understanding the (quote) crisis nearby.  As I said I was listening in down below and silently praying and such like for Owner to get back out of the bedroom not just to feed me, Bertie bubb and Ruggles, but of course so she could get to bed and get that much needed sleep!  she reported up to me thus:  THIS IS JUST THE KIND OF LOCK IN TO AVOID.  According to Owner there is such a thing as a good lock in, and this is where the pub you have fallen into late into the night puts up the shutters and locks the door BUT with you still inside drinking away and getting sloshed. Of course there is no time for this to happen now, not in Owner's INTENSIFIED LIFE.  I would be begging them to let me out so I could get my beauty sleep droned Owner.  I love it. x
Intense para.   When Owner heard Tinkers scraping at the door this morn she leapt up thinking it was nearly getting up time.  it was only when she was downstairs doing all our breakfasts that she saw the time.  it was just gone 4 30 am.  OH NO she whispered up.  Back to bed she trudges and manages a few minutes sleep before the good alarm goes off BBBBBRRRRNNNGGGG.  needless to say she had a hard day to match her tired out setting.  No one in particular stands out she says up to me and I did my best to show interest it being near to my tea time - but she droned on, my head is bursting with information.  about bridges (maths) equations (maths) Elizabeth 1st (themed something) and for some good news at last A Christmas Carol!  With the ghost of Christmas Past.  Well as you know we have plenty of them!  To round her day off, Owner has left her glasses in the last classroom.  BUT as per, I gave her the upside to this.  IF, I ventured up, you had bought those three in one glasses that help you see out of the top and the bottom and the sides, it would be a disaster to leave them at the school BUT because you didn't like them and have ended up with three pairs of glasses...........  it means good folks out there who never forget anything, that Owner always has a pair of glasses somewhere.  I love it.
Final intense para.  Ruggles has been in a scrap and got funny fur sticking up on the top of his head and on his cheek.  YOU ARE ALL SCRAPPING goes Owner and to be fair she is right.  Possibly we are overcrowded and just being territorial.  I do like my space.  I WILL TRY HARDER I goes to Owner but I was crossing my paws at the time.  now last night we stayed up til 9 pm with good masterchef and tonight looks like a repeat of this but with Corrie thrown in the mix.  Dev is love torn or is it love lorn and Michael the reformed robber has a handsome son turned up.  They are busy bonding over chips.  Elsewhere good Steve continues on his depressed journey and no one is listening to him!  We love you Steve, depressed or not.  Now today has been relentless and did Owner really have to whip to the new and third on the list supermarket at lunch time?  YEs is the answer to that as her anxiety ridden state means being on the move.  that and buying all those essentials for me and the others. Tomorrow is a new day, it could be a wonderful day and here's to that for us and our loyal reader.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x