Friday, 21 November 2014

Is it Fridee Fridee

Wonka here.   Owner reports dreaming of not one, not two but THREE dogs.  Is this fortuitous (what a word for a Fridee!) you all gasp up??  It could be, specially as the third dog, a large and friendly dog settled itself down to live with her!  NO it is not real.  There is no more room at this Inn!!!   But it was a good dream as they all loved Owner.  YES I am still being fairly good and YES I am still in the Narnia cupboard second shelf nestled up to some paperwork.  Bertie Bubb wandered upstairs last night and snugged by Owner's pilly and as for Tinkerboolley - her new nickname is Tallulah Diva!!  And as for those little Kitwits, Owner says little marmalade has its peepers opened.  Ruggles is still oblivious (blimey) and snug a la Kitchen.  I say it is DE RIEN and I love it.

Fresh is it Fridee yet para.  today, Owner struggled.  She struggled with the noise, she struggled with the (wait for it) 'disaffected pupil' - there is some training dedicated to bringing such pupils back into the wold of being interested and learning things - but Owner reckons it is the staff who need this training more.  And to round her intense day and week off, did she have an unruly bunch of said pupils for the very last lesson of the week.  Which was? I droned, as per trying to show interest in order to have more food or just any food.  It was literacy she goes back, but it may as well have been the secular insular existential non partisan socio political policies of the githfjgth tribe in gkysjwh.  OH I says back.  Did you win out Owner?? (quote) I gave out some sweets at the end of it and kept a couple of extra unruly pupils back.  Who said sorry.  Personally I would have said sorry it the bell had gone BBBBRRRRNNNGG and I wanted to get off home.  I would have said sorry sorry sorry.  I love it.

Fridee Fridee cartoon para:
Here we are!!  That is the old primary school where Owner was in the Spring and Summer, and some of the pupils at the School Owner is at now, remembered her!!!  A bit of a change from this school to the High School......  I thought I was still there today moans Owner...but that is little people and medium people and people on the cusp of being big people for you!  We love it.
Final Fridee Fridee para:   When Owner crawled back in this aft we had a recap.  WHERE ARE WE UP TO she goes.  error in salary sorted out TICK  poor heating reported to mysterious engineer who cannot get back to us quickly but left message TICK renewed car insurance TICK carried out daughter's instructions TICK.  So really Owner is ON TASK to use that new and annoying phrase.... And finally (this is the deal breaker) not only is Owner's hair still alright, but she is having it tidied up on Mundee!! How come you all shout up, can she have her hair done on a work day.  BECAUSE the God of Training has reached down and ordered a training day at the school Owner is bursting through, so she is NOT THERE on Mundee.  This alone has saved her.  Now tonight, if she can stay awake, it is Corrie X 2.  Dev has two women at his feet, and we do like him specially when his voice goes up high, then there is Carling Black eyebrows in the factory telling all what to do.  Will she meet Mr Right inbetween times?? it is all to play for.  We watched a miniscule bit of Enders last night and as usual a new member of the Queen vic family popped out of a van.  At least we didn't see Staycee.  Now the weekend is here wherever and whatever you are doing.  THAT is the same.  So do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x