Sunday, 23 November 2014

Jersey Boys Sundee

Wonka here.  oooohhhh......

 Jersey Boys (2014) Poster
Yes we have a new DVD and it is indeed those pesky Jersey Boys.  Will we ever watch it though??  It is next up after FROZEN.  What!!! you all gasp up as one.  I mean of course our ONE reader!!  yes it is true.  Owner keeps referring to it saying things like (quote) OH I have got that film but I haven't watched it yet.  And, I MUST WATCH Frozen.  I am afeared (like that word even if I can't spell it) that the same thing will happen with those jersey lads stroke boys.  Yes it is directed by Clint Eastwood who we adore from afar.  yes we love the music SHERRY why do we keep on having to watch silly old fashioned films on Channel 5??  yesterdee there were 5 films in a row on that good channel all about Christmas.  And all of them second rate.  I ask you.  And Yes I do not love it. x
Big Girls don't cry para!  Today has gone by in a whirl of visitings more visitings and a foot soak.  Hang on!  alright that last thing, for Owner's worn tootsies is not a whirly thing it is a relaxez vous thing.  THAT's Better she cries when they are all polished and clean.  ~According to the Zen experts out there, the foot soak is vital.  IT WILL REVITALISE YOU AND HELP YOU RE ALIGN your Chakras she droned to me - and then to round off the Zen the waste water must go down the luxury or non luxury loo.  BLIMEY I goes, wide awake with all the revitalising talk.  Of course moments later and due to the tropical like conditions I am experiencing from my amazon box near to a searing hot rad I was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  I loved it.
Final SHERREEEE Sherry Baby para.  Daughter and Grandson have been and witnessed the kits.  They have had their first fan base adoration!  Then they all sat round the table and ate. And ate.  and drank and talked and ate some more.  Next weekend Owner is to troll over to them as it is Grandson's birthdee bash.  She has spoken of taking a DVD.  YES there are a few unseen ones to pick from.  Last night we all shook down early doors.  I AM HAVING an early night Owner announces to no one there.  Well I was listening up, and possibly Bertie heard but then he may be deaf.  And he was deep in the Narnia cupboard.  I have alternated (good use of word) between there and my box.  Ruggles would not have heard from his post in the kitchen and tinkerboolley only hears sheba cartons being opened.  We did watch our Strictly and Owner has observed thus:  the standard of dancing is very high this year.  It is too close to call, she droned.  My money is on Frankie and Kev.  Nice Kev from Grimsby that is.  We gave up on the Hex factor as the one who will probably win it gets on Owner's remaining nerve.  tonight it is the results although the Hex Factor has already rid itself of one act.  No it was not her.  It was only the young.  Louis Walsh put the Jonah on it according to Owner by talking them up overmuch.  They are sure to go out now she says to me wisely.  There is a new series though on good Beeb one which says it is a ghosty story.  Just the thing to go to bed on!  the good week is peeking at us from over these offerings so let us all WALK LIKE A MAN! and have a decent one.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x