Friday, 28 November 2014

Make Haste Fridee

Wonka here.  If all the wold's a stage and we are just players to misquote the BARD says Owner who is now so tired she thinks she has come back round again. Yes then I am putting on one heck of a show she says about herself!!  YES she slept well and YES that is a blessing.  Why then, is she so laid back about the awful day she has just had?  Because Wonka, she explained to me, I am too tired to react.  My reaction time (she droned on in my ear) is now around 10 seconds before I can respond to any known stimuli.  OH I goes back as ever looking interested as I was starving.  I love it.

Make love not haste para.  The boolleys are all trying to clamber out of their box.  Me?  I went into the Narnia cupboard, stepped over Bertie and went into his little house aka the cat carrier.  There was the slight problem of how I was going to get out without risking a full scale attack by Bertie.  Owner solved it all by (list) 1.  Going WONKA and BERTIE 2.  turning the car carrier round so it was facing the open door. 3.  saying things like - WHY are you in there Wonka.  and STOP growling Bubb.  I ask you. x

Make lots more haste para.  there is once more, no time to be had.  We have looked hard for some spare time and not found any.  Owner fitted in a giant shop TICK and a visit to aged parent TICK but for closely questioning a member of staff about Aged parent's pocket money NOT TICK as the said member of staff took umbrage.  I TRIED TO REMAIN calm goes Owner and I'm sure that is what she thought she was portraying (good use of word).  To the rest of the Wold I dare say Owner looked a bit fierce.  Why, you all gasp up are we having to look at a cartoon of a bag.  Because Owner stopped using her old work bag (below) and started to use her old pink bag for work instead.  One of the chimps I mean students has drawn a little biro picture on it and sent Owner a little bit into annoyed setting.  it has come off with soap and Owner has resumed the benign setting once more.  I love it.
There it is!  the old work bag that has been put to one side folks for the old pink one.  this one above is made of plastic and cannot be harmed by biro.  Owner reports that when she confided to another pupil what had happened this was the result:  YOU SHOULD DO THEM MISS.  Of course Owner is not going to DO anybody and in any case she has no idea who the biro culprit is.  They didn't mean it really she goes to me all kind and benign.  I wish I could be like this towards Bertie Bubb, Ruggles and Tinkers.  Not to mention the Boolleys.  I do try.  I love it.
Final hasty para.  so with no time at all to spare Owner rushed back in and began her whirlwind of cleaning feeding and more cleaning.  Tomorrow is Grandson's birfdee and she is setting off to celebrate it all with Daughter.  There will be cake, sweets, more cake and some films.  Me?  left to hold the fort I dare say but who better??  tonight we must be glued to Corrie X 2 before Owner falls into her pit.  Will Steve wander off on his depressed journey?  will thingy go after him?  Is Carling Black eyebrows going to leave the factory and find lerve?  it is all to play for.  Now the weekend is upon us folks so do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x