Monday, 17 November 2014

Mild Mundee

Wonka here.  Do you mean the weather is mild or Owner you all shout up as one!!  BOTH I goes back at you.  If Owner has adjusted the thermostat once she has been tinkering with it a thousand times.  And peered at the timer.  and said out loud THE HEATING IS UP THE SWANEE.  What is a 'swanee' you all wonder up?  it is from a song that goes up the swanee river and it is one those sayings you either know it or you don't.  it means, the heating is done for.  Not though if you ask me it isn't.  I say it is confused due to Owner adjusting it here and dabbling with it there and turning that tap on.  The pressure is too high she droned later on after yet another inspection.  Then it is fling open all the windows until we are shivering up and she remembers the kitwits, and back to red hot setting we go.  But yes, Owner has been fairly calm and zen like today.  I put it down to sheer exhaustion but she will not stop.  No.  I love it.

Fresh and mild as you like para.  Owner did not get a phone call until just after 8 am and it was to toddle along to the same school for the afternoon.  COVERING.  did she worry?   did she moan?  not a bit of it, and this is where that mild and calm attitude pays off.  Because when the computer system at the good school and holding all the secrets to the lessons cannot be operated by her, does she panic?  does she go funny and shout??  NO.  I simple went to the nice teacher in the class next door and asked him and he fixed it in a jiffy.  Did they all knuckle down I questioned up when she crawled back in?  They were a bit noisy but they did do a little work she goes back.  Well I say that is all we can ask for.  Owner remembered the way home and fed us immediately.  We did Scatter graphs she tells me as she is dishing out my tea,  Between you and me I prefer algebra and if X = 3 what does 2 - 8 + 10x equal?  I love questions like that.  Then she drones on some more about an isosceles trapezium and how it is different from a normal trapezium..  That is when I felt myself nodding off zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH sorry Owner! I love it.

Mild and alright cartoon para.  For today's photoshoot we have a rather lovely cartoon of Tinkerbooley and the kitwits.
There they are!  Owner reports they are all settling in well in their new dark corner with Mummy Tinkers patrolling.  she is popping downstairs to use the facilities and flying back up again to her bedsit.  so there is from the left, little Beau, little Cadpig, little marmalade and finally Monkey.  I love them from afar.
Final mild and tolerant para.  for some reason Owner decided to pay a visit to the supermarket she does not like (the main one she doesn't like, not the runner up) and buy some non essential items.  One of them is alright, one isn't and the other is for aged parent.  I happen to like that colour and fit on Owner so I am letting her off.  That, plus it being right on tea time.  Now last night our beloved and fave couple got through to the next round of dancing and this is good news.  Judy Murray who could not dance her way out of a ballroom but had to do just that (!) and looked so pretty in her pink Mary Poppins dress, was finally voted off with good Anton.  And over on the hex factor we watched the new band aid single with Sir Bob Geldof introducing.  Of course Owner saw it all the first time round and I did whisper how many million years ago was that but she didn't hear me above going to check on the kitwits for the mnhfnghteenth time.  Tonight we must be Corrie bound and will non reading and writing Tim be found out by Sally who is sure he is having an affair when all he is doing good folks is improving his mind.  Steve is still avoiding thingy and  Todd is avoiding going out.  We mustn't watch Enders if we can help it as Staycee is in it.  Now do go steady out there in theWold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x