Thursday, 20 November 2014

Money Money Thursdee

Wonka here.  Will they ever get it right?  WHO you all wonder up?  Those people who call themselves PAYROLL.  I really do have to thank all the stars above and the god of being tired out, that Owner is too worn to GO OFF ON ONE.  ~They have only paid me for four days Wonka, she mumbled, instead of FIVE!  Two emails have burnt down the wire.  That folks is all I am prepared to say on it.  she is calm for now.  Later, when she comes back to life around bedtime that will be, I am ready for an explosion of things like I MAY AS WELL VOLUNTEER, or YOU WOULD NOT DO THIS JOB FOR THE MUNNY.  I have spelt it wrong because I feel like it and it may cheer Owner up.  I love it.

Fresh and poverty stricken para.  How did Owner go on at school after yesterdee's incident you all are desperate to know.  all one of you that is.  It is fine now, she reports, and everyone is friends.  well almost.  Most of the day passed without any fuss and she has remembered a little bit about plants and the light.   Me?  thanks for asking, I have been extremely good and not fought with anyone, or hissed overmuch.  Me and Bertie are shaking down in the Narnia cupboard as I have been back in it.  Tinkers is doing OK by all accounts in her en suite and Ruggles is even now cuddled up atop the linen box on his special heated pad.  We have been spoilt by Owner who finally recalled she had bought us some real chicken (sorry chicken!) and got round to chopping it up for us.  ~We all gobbled it back barring Tinkers who prefers pretend cat food.  I love it and I'll have hers.

Short and sweet and FREE photoshoot:
Here we are!!!  why you all say those of you who are focussing that is - why a cup of rosy lea (TEA) and an Eccles Cakey??  WHY NOT we say straight back!!  When times get rough and the salary is slight and IN ERROR the thing to do is keep calm (always I do recommend this even from deep in the wardrobe) have a cup of tea and the cake of your choice.  This cakey was gifted from daughter to Owner and is one her faves it being crammed with currants.  And sugar.  Never look a free cakey in   the mouth.  eat it instead!  I love it.

Final money is the root of all evil para.  Now it is official that Owner is working for half a peanut and a chocolate lime, we can live our lives accordingly.  Being in the grip of poverty must be good for our souls and we will shoot straight to heaven when the time comes.  I WOULD LIKE, says Owner, TO EARN A BIT MORE, and this only dear folks so she can lavish it on us!  and daughter!  and grandson!   Last night we caught up with Corrie and Masterchef but not The Apprentice.  This got the heave ho in favour of an early night.  Owner does know that Mark her fave in it, is not FIRED....tonight we will watch more of the cheffing and then KLAXON GOING OFF!!  it is that dark tale called The Fall and Owner will need all the lights on and even more checking than usual.  Things we need to know but don't.  this is how aged sibling fared at the old Dentist.  did he get there?  Did the Dentist get there?  Did he have a filling. or not.  all these questions are waiting for answers folks.  I may make it a new and exciting section of my diary - THINGS WE MUST KNOW.  for now it is a mystery.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x