Sunday, 2 November 2014

Only Joking Sundee

Wonka here.  today has been given a rating of around two out of ten.  HOW COME you all shout up as one.  all went fairly well this morn with a sleep in.  the sleep in followed another standing around by an open door in the middle of the night.  I MUST STOP this moans Owner.  that's not the only thing she must stop.  What, you all shout even louder, has she done now??  I will tell all....

New and very serious para.  This is what is sposed to have happened this morning (list) 1.  make sure me, Bertie bub, rug and Tinkerbooley are all fed and watered TICK 2.  get on with all the artwork and scanning and designing and doing if Owner ever wants to be famous CROSS.  Instead of applying herself to this task, she insists on mucking around on facebook and twitter.  HUGE CROSS.  What I called over to her from the safety of the dark corner in the living room, are you doing Owner?  (quote) I am just tweeting the SIR Terence Wogan show, she goes back to me.  Normally folks this is fine and dandy.  What, you all gasp up, could go wrong???  Jokes can go wrong, that is what.  And if someone (NOT Sir Terence) takes what was a silly joke, the wrong way, .........I told you Owner, I says later on, not to send that!  He has blocked me and all those other strange twittery things, she moans up.  Now I am sure all the good therapists and psychology people out there sitting around analysing each and every situation would enjoy this one.  BUT she carries on, it was taken the wrong way!  People, I says to her, can take things anyway they like!!  Has she learnt a lesson from it you all shake your heads and say.  Well, she won't be buying any of so and sos records!!!  I love it.

Another silly old only joking cartoon:
There she is!!  Owner is pressing and clicking and practically saying a magic spell to get the car with no name to open!  Just when she is giving up and starting to say NOT magic words it gives that nice clunking noise!  and at the top, what is that you all wonder.  Owner has noticed two faint dints in the car door.  SOMEONE HAS DONKED INTO MY DOOR she says mournfully (new word and I like it) and Owner always parks so carefully as you know with full  consideration to people of all sizes squashing into their adjacent cars.  I love it.
Final only joking para.  Once I had talked Owner down from not taking it personally (when it was) and not taking umbrage (when she was entitled to) she cracked on with the art work.  Next up she will put it all together in a design to bash your brains out and send it off with a few magic incantations to make those pesky agents take notice!!  I FEEL ALRIGHT NOW she says to me later.  There is nothing folks, DE RIEN, to beat a little creativity to blow those blues away!!  Yes we are ready for the week ahead with no jokes in sight.  The money is no joke, says Owner, the drive there and back is no joke, and the shorter days are no joke either.  It is alright though as all I have to do is get in a carrier bag (I am partial), run around a bit with a tinkly ball to make Owner smile.  Tonight we must be glued to all results shows.  Simon Webb our fave dancer in Strictly has declared he is a depressive recovered alcoholic person and we couldn't like him anymore.  We have voted to show our support.  We love you Simon!  and that is not a joke!  There are some dancers who are, (a joke) says Owner thoughtfully but we won't name them, not today in case they take it the wrong way.  yes.  if we can cope there is Downton and then it is all downtonhill.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x